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19 thoughts on “Shangri La Anime OP Featuring May’n

  1. Random person: Do you ever get tired of wearing your school uniform?

    Shangriloli girl: I don’t own any other clothes…..

      1. Yeah, she could totally use a school gym uniform and swimsuit.. I mean, c’mon. =D

        Eh.. clothes are overrated. I’m sure the tropical climate would be conducive to an au naturale fashion. ^_^

  2. The OP song is just ok. The animation isn’t bad either. Like you, will form proper impression after seeing the 1st episode. It’s going to be one heck of a weekend with so many new shows airing though O_o

    1. Oh yes, this weekend will be very busy. The problem is that the best shows air on Sunday, so it would be impossible to watch them all for me on that day and not all will be available. I’ll make first episode posts about the following shows airing this weekend:

      Shangri La
      Natsu no Arashi
      Hanasakeru Seishōnen
      Before Green Gables

    1. I’m a huge fan of the “Eureka-esk” style, but.. I really, really, REALLY like the look of this anime as is. The stills and PV look gorgeous.

      We’ll see what ep. 1 holds ^_^

  3. the whole thing about Murata’s designs is sort of a double edged sword. i love Murata’s designs, that much is very true, but they dont seem right when animated, the colors add so much to the simple overall design with his works, but with an anime’s already simple color palette, it makes things seem …. bland, i guess. on the other hand, i like Murata’s designs better than YOSHIDA’s illustrations (though i still very very much like them as well), but having seen Xam’d in all its glory, i would guess that this would look better if they had used his designs. Xam’d had a look that worked so well with the shows organic nature, and i am sure they would have worked wonders here as well. but hey, i am still going to watch it regardless.

    1. Yes, that’s the difference between original character designer and character designer (Murata vs Rozen Maiden).

      I really like character design in Xam’d, and I just ❤ Nakiami 😀

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