Sengoku Basara Anime OP and ED

April 2, 2009

Sengoku Basara anime is about dancing samurai…

Opening: “JAP” by Abingdon Boys School

Ending: “Break & Peace” by Dustz

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  1. Lol love so much the opening theme !
    Don’t like the ending, boring^^’

    *sorry for my bad english !

    • I guess it fits with the nature of the show😛

      No problem, your English is good🙂

  2. lol than you !

  3. Of the two new shows i.e Sengoku Basara and Asura Cryin that I’ve seen, I can say that Sengoku’s OP is freaking awesome. The ED is ok. Too bad it got totally overwhelm by the OP. (LOL) In fact, the entire SB episode made me laugh so hard😛 The show’s male seiyu(s) are having too much of a good time. Soichiro Hoshi’s Yokimura is plain crazy. xD Now, let’s see if the other OPs and EDs are any good. I didn’t like Asura Cryin’s OP & ED…quite boring.

    • I have not seen the first episode yet, but I recall that the show has an excellent cast. The OP was fun🙂

      I also didn’t like Asura OP and ED.

      I’ll post other interesting OP and ED from new anime that I find🙂

      • Yup, impressive cast indeed. For starters, the fangirl in me can’t stay away from sexy male voices😛 although I’m not sure if the slapstick style humour can sustain me till series end…haha.

        Looking forward to more interesting OP & ED.🙂

        • I hope the slapstick humor will not mar your enjoyment of sexy male voices🙂

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