Pandora Hearts Anime OP and ED

April 3, 2009

“Parallel Hearts” by FictionJunction

“Maze” by savage genius

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  1. The music is good but I can’t say much for the OP/ED animation sequence. The OP ‘Parallel Hearts’ is one of my favourite opening songs. There’s the trademark Kajiura YuKi sound that’s hard to miss.🙂

    • I also liked the OP song🙂 It reminded me of Kuroshitsuji second ED.

  2. hey!! sorry that was my fault! i don’t know why i assumed you were a girl xD i usually assume the wrong gender about 90% of the time when it comes to the internet… i’m sorry about that >w>

    anyway – you saved our episode, literally – we had EVERYTHING we needed here for the spring lineup, i couldn’t find the information anywhere, so on behalf of the weeaboobies, thank you for having a kick-ass blog!❤

    • Oh, that’s ok – no worries🙂

      I am glad my Spring anime preview was useful for you🙂

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