Genius Party (2007) and Genius Party Beyond (2008 ) is an anthology of short animated films from Studio 4°C featuring some of the best directors. I already covered some of the most interesting films from Genius Party, but Genius Party Beyond films are just beginning to appear.

Dimension Bomb was directed by Koji Morimoto (Magnetic Rose – Memories, Franken’s Gears – Robot Carnival, animation director for Mind Game, storyboard for Tekkonkinkreet, animation director for Macross Plus concert scene). Moreover, this animation is Yoko Kanno’s debut as a voice actress! 😀 She composed music for other Genius Party film, Baby Blue.

Overall, while plot is questionable, the animation and music by Juno Reactor are great 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Genius Party Beyond: Dimension Bomb

  1. Studio 4 Degrees was in Malaysia for KL Design Week, and I got to see Koji Morimoto for the first time! (: He played five of his newly released short animations, including the one you post above. Indeed, I was left confused about the story lines, as they are all so… abstract. But it was beautiful to watch. It was worth my money, haha! The DVD was also being sold there, but it was incredibly expensive.

    1. Oh, you had a great opportunity to meet with Koji Morimoto! 🙂 That must have been fun 🙂

      Indeed, it is very beautiful to watch. While other Genius Party works that I covered before (mostly films without dialog) featured some interesting themes, this one was more about the style rather than substance.

      Yes, some DVDs are definitely overpriced.

  2. i think also the plot its interesting, there are just some points that i dont realy get. Does anybody knows whats with the big robot that looks like monkey and its walking, or the one that is controlling the 2 poles of electricity, or the agreement between the devil and the angel.

    1. I provided detailed descriptions of my interpretations of other Genius Party works, especially those without any dialog, but I didn’t spend much time thinking about this one 😛

  3. Yes, indeed.
    I watched this last night with my girlfriend (14 Feb).
    Genius Party Beyond, hell, I like it more than Genius Party.
    It was a stunning experience, and the one I loved the most was Dimension Bomb, she did not like it that much… tho she did like Moondrive because of the artstyle.

    Anyways, there must be some kind of secret meaning to Dimension Bomb, im still trying to figure it out (thats how I found your blog), my head is gonna explode.

    … blehgh.

      1. Yeah, I guess that makes sense too… I just thought people make things with a specific reason in mind.
        Sigh, maybe the whole Genius Party series started as a demo reel to show off animation skills, who knows?

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