Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP and ED

April 5, 2009

“again” by YUI

Uso (Lie)” by SID

Check out these first (ep. 2+) OP and ED from the original FMA:

“Melissa” by Porno Graffitti

“Kesenai Tsumi (Indelible Sin)” by Nana Kitade

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  1. Love the newest OP et ED for the new FMA serie but I prefer the oldest !

    • I also prefer the older version, especially for the ED🙂

  2. I find the New OP more mature and I like it. Now, with the ED. I prefer the old version.

    • I like the new OP song more than the original OP song, but they made the new OP more content dense. Also I was surprised that they revealed the true nature of that one person in the new OP.

      I like the old ED song and visuals more than the new ED🙂

      • Maybe it means that the show will move through all the other stuff faster so that we can get to that one person ;D

  3. Yes kesenai tsumi is the best ending for the first fma serie !

  4. But for the new op I was suprise ! too many spoiler … for someone who dosen’t read the manga … it’s to bad !

    • Yes, it was quite surprising. I guess they are assuming that people read manga or watched first season.

  5. I liked the older ED better, but enjoy the newer OP.

    • Yes, that seems to be how most people feel🙂

  6. Oh so hard to pick. I love all the songs, for sure I love the new ED, but I prefer the animation of the old ED.

    • Yes, the old ED art is nice🙂

  7. I like both, but nostalgia pulls me back to the first OP and ED. Still, the new songs are growing on me pretty fast, so you never know.😄;;

    • Yes, nostalgia is a dangerous thing😛 I am sure people will like new OP and ED more in a few episodes🙂

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  9. Kesenai Tsumi = BEST. SONG. EVER. EVER. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really liked the animation for the second ending, however. It was great to see them as kids again. ^^ It was a nice song, but to me, it didnt really… suit it that much…

    The new opening, Again by YUI, does have a nice animation sequence there, too. I think the song LYRICS really suit the anime, but I dont think its a YUI sort of anime, if that makes any sense. Nonetheless, its a great song, and I prefer this newer opening to the old one.

    • Yes, the second ending and new opening animations are nice🙂

      Indeed, Kesenai Tsumi is a great song🙂 Here is a live version:

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