Anne of Green Gables (赤毛のアン) is an anime (part of World Masterpiece Theater) produced in 1979 by people who are now members of Studio Ghibli: directed by Isao Takahata with scene design and layout by Hayao Miyazaki. Konnichiwa Anne is a prequel to that anime based on Before Green Gables novel.

Opening and Ending Themes

Director (Katsuyoshi Yatabe) and backgrounds (Morimoto Shigeru) are quite good. A wide variety of camera angles and dynamic scenes are pleasant to watch, but some transitions feel too abrupt. The backgrounds look like paintings, but that is a double edged sword because characters stand out too much. This is further exacerbated due to complete lack of texture on the characters. This imbalance between characters and backgrounds makes the setting feel somewhat artificial. Similar foreground-background distinction is present in Erin, but the feel is much more harmonious in that anime. This issue was addressed much better in the original Anne of Green Gables:

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12 thoughts on “Konnichiwa Anne – Episode 1

  1. I’m guessing my parents tax dollars are going into fund this show just so we can get more people to come to Canada. Just great. (rolls eyes).

    Anne is cute though.

  2. The overall colours are very vibrant. I agree that it would be much better had they made better use of textures and shadings on the characters. The figures stick out too much against the softer nice background art.

  3. wow this looks so pretty! But I’m very cautious with this. Last time I tried to follow Les Miserables but I found it to be very weak, I know it was children’s anime, but still…I just couldn’t stop comparing it to Hugo’s masterpiece.

    1. Yes, backgrounds are beautiful 🙂

      Adaptations are difficult, especially if it is such an excellent book as Les Miserables. It is unlikely that I’ll blog about Anne because I already cover Erin that has excellent director and great art.

  4. I see what you mean in terms of the difference between the characters and the background, but I guess it sort of makes the childhood innocence aspect of the series stand out more…
    Though, considering I haven’t seen the series myself, I don’t want to make any official statement on what I think about that beforehand.

  5. I think the reason for the characters lacking shading and texture is because they are trying to maintain the original look from the first series, which I highly recommend. The characters are definitely not flat, like in Les Miserables, which I didn’t care much for, and couldn’t really finish.

  6. KAWAII.

    I will always love Anne no matter how her life changes, but I gotta admit, as she matured through the course of Akage no Anne (of Green Gables) I was sort of missing her enthusiastic cuteness as she became more softspoken and stuff.

    I am really going to enjoy seeing this part of her which was alluded to in flashbacks!

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