Yay! Another anime based on the Three Kingdoms period, but this one draws inspiration from the historical documents rather than the novel. Was this attempt successful?

Warning: This post contains some scary images.

Usually, I watch the first episode of a new anime from the beginning to the end, but this was not the case with Sōten Kōro… I enjoyed some aspects of the anime though. Female voice of the protagonist was very lively – I can’t believe it is Kikuko Inoue! 😀 Older version of Cao Cao is no less impressive: Mamoru Miyano. Also background music was nice, but the rest was appalling… Very low quality dragon animation followed terrible OP song. It was a nice day in ancient China and then… EVIL CAME! Heads roll and our heroes draw Pollock paintings with blood…. It was not too surprising though, given Toyoo Ashida’s previous experience: Fist of the North Star.

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2 thoughts on “Souten Kouro Episode 1: There Will Be Blood

  1. Ah, it didn’t attract me either. I won’t be watching this even though Mamo-kun is on it. I’ll stick to BASARAAAA!!! 😛

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