It is very sad that a carefully crafted OP of the original PS3 airing got replaced by such a poor opening for a TV version… Oh well, I’ll just go back to writing my Xam’d review…


Original OP

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12 thoughts on “Bōnen no Xamdou TV OP Fails!

  1. wow, not nearly as good as the original. i mean nice visuals and all, but what make them think that having an OP full of action that never happens in the anime, showing characters that you wont see for a while within the anime, and a song (while still pretty cool) that isnt as hard hitting as the original would make it better?

    and what is with all the misrepresentation, they make it look as if the anime is about an all out war with humanforms, Xam’d all over the place, and that Akiyuki’s dad was some badass revolutionary. they make it seem like a all out action series and we all know that isnt the case. i guess what sucks is that if/when it comes out on DVD/BD, we will get stuck with the new OP rather than the original one.

    1. *This comment contains spoilers*

      not to mention a shot of the Hiruken emperor, i mean why? i am surprised they didnt just sell out and show us a sequence of Furuichi turning into his xam’d. might as well.

  2. wow..i never knew they were releasing Xam’d on TV..

    anyhoo, i really, REALLY liked the original OP…and even though this OP is also by BBS…i still liked the first..

    …and just liked GGear, its a big mystery why they would show scenes AND characters that you wont see till near the end…weird..

    er..another question…will they be “renewing” the story if theyre gonna make it for TV..?

    1. That’s a good question about the story. I think it will remain the same, but some scenes in the OP felt new to me. Of course that just might mean that they created some new animation for the OP. The story of Xam’d is quite good, but plot isn’t.

  3. Funny, I showed it to like 4 people and they all liked the new one more than the original.

    I thought the new OP is a good “2nd OP” for the series.

  4. Both openings are good with great art and music to match and the new opening shows an interesting perspective of the characters but it doesn’t really match up to the characters. The original opening fits better overall.

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