“The Impossible Dream” by Andy Williams

Directed by Ivan Zacharias

[via Mari Diary]


8 thoughts on “Best Honda Commercial Ever

  1. Nice. I’m sure they’ll be sold out of dwarf-sized motorbikes before the end of the month.

    Commercial aside, that’s a great picture of Kino. Fanart or official?

    1. haha Yes, I can see it now… Thousands of dwarf-sized motorbikes in Tokyo struggling with traffic 😛

      That pictures is too good to be official – it is a fanart 🙂

  2. Funny that there’s an Formula One car in there. They’ve left after a number of abysmal years just in time for what looks like a championship season for their team that is now called BrawnGP.

    Even funnier because Brawn managed to talk them into financing his team for this year but without the Honda name or any other associations. =)

    “Impossible Dream” indeed.

  3. Woo, great commercial! (: It was funny and it documents Honda’s progress-along with the guy and his spectacular mustache. Haha. The song is so fitting as well! My dad drives a Honda Civic, so it’s also an added bonus.

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