Sengoku Basara Art_00007

Art by Makoto Tsuchibayashi.


10 thoughts on “Sengoku Basara Art

  1. Awesome, was this from an art book or concept art? I notice Date’s horse doesn’t have it’s handlebars and tail pipes.

  2. Are those water-colored?! That’s too awesome! I’m grabbing the Kasuga art. :p

    Hmm, now that I think about looks like drawn by a tablet.

  3. Wow Kasuga O_o
    Nouhime and her gatlins is winsome!
    Matsuhide for once looks really nice…in a drawing. I dislike him in the anime. He’s even creepier than Nobunaga.
    Love mr.eye-patch man, Date! His horse is missing some accessories…lol.
    Very nice art indeed and ya, SB is winsome.

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