Stella Deus was the last Tactical RPG and one of the last games I played on a console…

Art by Shigenori Soejima

Further Viewing: All Stella Deus characters in very high resolution


2 thoughts on “Stella Deus Character Design

  1. Woah, pretty awesome character designs there. Not my type of game, but I definitely can’t achieve that kind of standard. (: Very beautifully done, and there’s a faint hint of graphic-ish style that might suit this game, although I’ve never seen or heard of this game before (is shallow). Since I’m still relatively new to the world of anime, haha. I can count what I watch on both hands, lol. I played Okami once, and I totally fell in love with the game. Thanks for your words of encouragement, my mind was just boggled with too many thoughts at the moment. Don’t you wish that we all have a pensieve (Harry Potter)? Haha. What happened to your entries of Ristorante Paradiso?

    1. Well, this game is relatively unknown even among those who like Tactical RPG – Disgaea is much more popular.

      Although the Stella Deus’ plot is generic, there were some interesting lines in the dialog. For example, the protagonist (archer girl in the first picture), mentioned this (paraphrasing, she put it more eloquently): “To exist, humans must consume other life. Even when we eat plants, we are taking away life. Since something alive was sacrificed to let us continue living, we should use this energy responsibly.” I really liked that statement and share her view 🙂

      As for Ristorante Paradiso, I will continue the coverage soon 🙂

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