Hanasakeru Seishounen 7

Why Quinza knew about the order even though Noei has not revealed it?!!!

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Well, it looks like Rumati is a heartless boy… Even Kajika couldn’t slap sense into him… Poor Noei 😦

Why would Quinza want Rumati to become the king? Maybe he is easier to control. Perhaps, Quinza’s plan is to take his place eventually.


4 thoughts on “Hanasakeru Seishounen Episode 7: Order

  1. Lumati isn’t heartless, just fiery. He can’t stand anyone insulting his elder brother so he got angry and out came his childish response. I think it was Quinza that’s manipulating the situation between the two brothers. Somand appears to be a sickly wimp…hard to believe he would incite a murder unless someone has been brainwashing him. Lumati oth is the rebel type and is certainly no wimp…like Kajika, he tends to jump into a situation without thinking. Quinza will find it hard to handle someone like him. So, I don’t think Lumati is easier to control. Lumati is always trying to escape and get away from Quinza’s domineering supervision. If anything, Quinza’s probably trying to cause a feud between the brothers to propagate his own agenda. Of course, I could be wrong…lol.

    1. Yes, heartless is too strong a word, probably. Rumati does have a nice side, but his reaction was certainly immature.

      Yup, it seems like Quinza might be setting up a feud. I meant easier to control not in absolute terms, but in a sense of manipulation. Also it seems that Somand looks more like Quinza than his own brother 😛

      1. Ya, I noticed the Somand/Quinza resemblance. The King most likely has a harem/concubines 😛 So Lumati and Somand would have different mothers. They don’t look alike at all. Oriental Blue is exotic <3.

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