1001 Expressions of Ciel Phantomhive

May 26, 2009

Expression gallery of Ciel Phantomhive (シエル・ファントムハイヴ)🙂

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  1. I LOVE CIEL!!!!!!!!!
    really X’DDD
    Thanks for your time (you need time for do this entry)

    *sorry for my English*

    • Yes, Ciel is a nice character🙂

      You are welcome🙂 Indeed, it took me quite some time to finish this post.

      Oh, no need to be sorry – your English is fine🙂

  2. Hi, just popping by from animesuki (saw your post)Thanks for all the effort! ^__^ Ciel’s a cutie and I like your site!😄

    • Thank you for stopping by🙂

  3. Nice job putting the Ciel images together. Are you going to do one for Sebby as well?😎

    • Thank you🙂

      As for Sebby…😛 You can check out this gallery for now🙂

      • Heh, I forgot you had that but I want more.😛 or CielxSebastian…did you have that as well? *is shot*

        • Ahhhh! Stop reading my mind!😛

  4. What an awesome post *___*
    I want to adopt him❤

    • Thank you🙂

      Oh, you can adopt Ciel, but you have to talk to his legal guardian first😛

  5. Very nice images, I am now in Ciel overload. Oh how I love him so!

    • Thank you🙂

      Yes, it hard to resist Ciel🙂

  6. Oh wow, looking back at these screencaps made me remember how good Kuroshitsuji art was. Ciel’s eyelashes are so amazing *_*

    • Yes, Kuroshitsuji art and especially Ciel’s eyelashes are great🙂 I’ll take a note of that for reference🙂

  7. I love Ciel so much. You really took your time to do this post.

    • Yup, it took some time, but it was worth the effort🙂

  8. Wow, I can only imagine all your effort that you spent into making this post. It’s definitely a visual feast, if you get what I mean! I’m currently studying expressions for one of my subjects, so this will definitely come in handy one way or other. Thank you! (: And I have to say, the final screen shot was fitting. The ones with the nuns yanking off his shirt really made me go o_o. This anime can really go over the top sometimes, literally!

    • Thank you🙂

      Expressions is an interesting subject. I especially like subtle emotions that some of the screenshots convey🙂

      haha Those nuns are silly😛

  9. Omg… I was expecting for the expression of Ciel in the last scene… Anyway, I like the one he’s crashing the card, so funny…

    • Yup, that was a fun expression🙂

  10. You read my thoughts, I was looking for a reference! (Want to improve my mascot by a dozen of different drawings)

    • I am glad it was helpful for you🙂

  11. Im gonna use this as a ref if you dont mind😀 Nice work!

    • Sure, feel free to use it as a reference🙂 Thanks🙂

  12. Beautiful pictures. This post inspired me to make a Ciel moodtheme for use on LiveJournal. Could I have your permission to do that? I would credit you with collecting the screencaps, of course.🙂


    • Thank you🙂

      Oh sure, go ahead🙂 I would like to see that theme🙂

  13. OMG! Wanted to update you in case you didnt know:

    Kuroshitsuji has been OFFICIALLY green-lit/confirmed for a SECOND SEASON!!!

    looking forward to you (hopefully!) doing your thing and relaying everything for us again!!!

    • Thanks for the update! I will cover the second season if I not too busy🙂

  14. As I got to the end of the post, I seriously wanted to cry. T^T But really, thanks for posting!😀 I need some good references to draw him. ^^

    • You are welcome, I am glad you like it🙂

  15. You’re so amazing, thanks!!!!
    Ciel is the cutest ^^

  16. and i love every single one of them ^^ <33333333333333

    • hehe You really like Ciel🙂

  17. Thank you for showing these pictures! Love Ciel❤

    • You are welcome🙂 Yes, Ciel is cute🙂

  18. EEEEE
    I use these pictures like all the time in msn conversations to show what face I’m pulling while roleplaying!

    I love how you got all these~
    I never noticed he had so many faces.
    I thought his face was always a pissed off face.😄

    I wonder if anyone’s done a Sebastian version~

    • I am glad you like them🙂

      haha That shows the variety of his expression🙂

      Well, he does have that irritated expression often😛

      As for Sebastian version… soon😛

  19. […] 1001 Expressions of Ciel […]

  20. thanx

  21. […] 1001 Expressions of Ciel […]

  22. Ciel is my boyfriend as I have eradicated Elizebeth.The cool thing is, hes so cute all the time!

    • hehe Yes, Ciel is cute🙂

    • You wish. ;D

  23. Ciel love you… Cielicute…

    • Yup, he is cute🙂

  24. @.@ Ahhhhh Ciel overload… -Shot-

    :3 Oh my, I just looove Ciel.❤😀 He's just -awesome-

    Thanks for making this~!

    • Yes, he is awesome🙂

      You are welcome🙂

  25. HAA *-*

    • You are welcome🙂 Good to hear that you liked it🙂

  26. Prettyprettypretty!😀

    Can I use some of the pics to make 100×100 icons? I promise I’ll leave you credits!🙂

    • Sure, feel free to use these images for icons🙂

      • Thanks so much!🙂

        • You are welcome🙂

  27. I want that ring it’s the must coolest thing here

  28. I want that ring it’s the must coolest thing here

  29. AWESOME!! This was so awesome to look at!! Thank you for putting the time to do this😀 It’s such a good idea!

    • You are welcome🙂 Yes, it took quite some time, but I am glad people like it🙂

  30. There’s only 104. >__>;

    • hehe Yes, that’s not enough, but the title is figurative🙂

  31. Omg! Ciel is my one and only soulmate…

    Uh-oh. Crazy fan girl attack. ;D Tee-hee.

    • hehe Ciel is great, but I am sure there are many other good guys🙂

  32. CIEL>>>WHAT A CUTE BOY, damn(hug ciel)

  33. oh my god! it’s awesome. if ciel is a real guy, i want to be his wife. hahaha…just kiding.
    thank you to putting the picture of ciel.i like it.

    • You are welcome!🙂

      Well, if he is a real guy, you would have a tough competition😛

  34. I LOVE CIEL SO MUCH !!! where’s umineko no naku koro ni ?

  35. kyaaaa!!!!😄
    thank u so much!!!
    omg! i like Ciel!!! >_<
    thank u!!!

  36. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah ciel looks so HOT and CUTE!
    HE’S the most beautiful thing i ever seen *Q*

    • Yes, Ciel is cute, but I hope you’ll see some more beautiful things in your life.

  37. omg ciel!!!!!!!!! BE MINE! wait? can u post the demon ciel face?❤

  38. 😦 Ciel’s gone… There’s not gonna be another season now that his soul is gone.. T^T

    He’s so … hot🙂

    • Be careful, don’t burn yourself😛

  40. Tan lindo Ciel♥♥♥ Quiero cuidarlo y decir: Yes, my Lord

  41. omg he is soooo hot hahah wow u inspiredme iin drawingani me and manga wowhaha im so emotional but thx for all the hard work it was worth it

  42. omg ciel is sooo hot u inspired me into drawing anime and manga haha wen i see these pics it makes me wanna cry lol imwayyy to emotional but thx for all the hard work it was worth it

    • Good, I hope you’ll draw some nice Ciel fanart🙂

  43. I love Ciel but…
    I have yet to see a genuine smile😛

  44. Oh my fucking god. I love u! *__*

    • haha Sounds like you are very excited🙂

  45. Yay ciel, i love ciel so much. <3i just cant stop loving him that it annoy my sister.:D i loves it when he smiles🙂 it so rare plus super cute!!!!!
    i wish he was real or at least a guy is kinda like him. why do animes/manga have to have such cute/hot boys:/
    ciel was the reason how i found kuroshitsuji which is the best show ever!!!!
    im a mega fan girl😉
    i can actully name each episode for each pic goes 2
    srry 4 bad spelling

    • It sounds like you really like Ciel!🙂

      His rare smiles are indeed cute🙂

      I am sure you’ll find some real guy who may not look exactly like Ciel, but somewhat close. Also I hope he’ll have a better character.

      I am very impressed that you can determine an episode just based on the picture! I took those pictures, but even I can’t recall every episodes each picture belongs to now. Great job!🙂

      No problem about spelling – it is clear what you are saying🙂

  46. Oh! yeah!!!
    I ♥ Ciel phantomhive, Tanks!
    I like to pictures so much, cool cool!!!

    • I like Ciel, but I don’t like tanks!😛

      Glad you like the pictures🙂

  47. This made me say OMNOMNOM<3

  48. cool!!!!

  49. I’ve visited your website before and I love your pictures!!🙂 Thank you so much for posting these, I love Ciel so much!!

    • Thank you! It took a while to put it all together, but I am glad that many people like it🙂

  50. awesome🙂

  51. Wow… Ciel Phantomhive is one of the most gorgeous young boys I’ve ever seen.

    • Yes, he also has a strong personality, uncharacteristic of people of his cohort.

  52. :’) do you know that you’re brilliant for making this? really love this..was just buzzing around and can’t believe to walk upon this..that you put up so many different expressions of Ciel..such memories of my love for the character..you indeed…am brilliant….sankyuuu~~

    • You are welcome! Sounds like you really enjoyed this little gallery🙂

  53. Love You, Ciel.❤
    I Heart You❤

    • So many hearts!🙂

  54. I am a kuroshitsuji lover after all, and i am crazy about Ciel and i am collecting Ciel’s item so i need his photo’s to complete my collection, and i also a noble you know

  55. cute. I like ciel.❤

  56. i love ciel !! kyaaa ~ >.<

  57. Oh my god. Thank you so much for the pictures! You’re amazing! This post only makes me missing his presence more ㅠㅠ ♥

    • Glad you liked it🙂

  58. I love Ciel!!!!! am i the only one who thinks that when he smile’s he look’s like he has a evil plan? oh well, he’s cute so it does not mater.

    • Of course! He always has an evil plan!🙂

  59. my expressions are good here

    • haha Glad you approve, Ciel!😛

  60. i love ciel!!! he is so awesome! i am going as him for halloween, and my friend kim is sebastian!!! you should do one for yuki from fruits basket!!!

    • Sebastian and Ciel on Halloween is perfect! Yay! Hope you had fun!🙂

  61. OMGIZZLES. Ciel is so adorable~

    This must have taken so long….and I especially loved the last picture. It was was a great way to end this post!

    Ciel is just so….so….so….omaigawd, I can’t even find a word for him. ♥

    • Sounds like you really like Ciel!🙂

  62. Oh, my, Ciel very cute!

    He always made me smile-smile alone because her cuteness. Even more similar face angry face child 8 years!

    • Yes, Ciel’s expressions are great!

  63. Ciel is so cuuuuute! I wanna hug him now, thanks for the pics!😀

    • Glad you liked the pictures!🙂

  64. Hello! I was wondering if I’d be able to use some of these as icons for my roleplay blog on tumblr? I will give full credit!

    • Sure, feel free to use them!

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