While searching for a definition of DFC, a term that a certain freshly baked engineer mentioned on Twitter (I thought it is something similar to KFC, but, apparently, it isn’t >.<), I stumbled upon this fun video 🙂

via Sankaku Complex (NSFW)

So-ran Bushi (ソーラン節) is one of the most famous traditional songs (min’yō) in Japan. It was originated by the fishermen of Hokkaidō, the north part of Japan. So-ran Bushi accompanies the bon dance in many parts of Japan, and it has its own dancing styles that date back generations. (Wiki)

K-On excerpt reminded me of this commercial 😛


4 thoughts on “K-On So-Ran Bushi

    1. It is definitely more delicious than KFC, but whether it is healthy depends on some factors. DFC is like wine: it should be aged enough and consumed rarely for the best results 😛

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