Ristorante Paradiso 8

Claudio’s past is sad 😦

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Finally, we get a glimpse of Claudio’s past. It seems he was just as or even more clumsy than Nicolleta. Moreover, he could not stand up for himself and had very low self-efficacy.

It is terrible that he endured such abuse from that woman! Now you can imagine how he felt during Nicoletta incident in episode two

Fortunately, Furio was nice enough to feed Claudio, and Angela helped him gain confidence.

Also we learn that Claudio worked with Luciano together for quite some time in some small restaurant.

Nicoletta still has to improve her skills 😛

6 thoughts on “Ristorante Paradiso Episode 8

  1. Did that woman just tease him or did she hit him? :/ Am confused. Claudio looked very different when he was young. Maybe I should really watch it and see. On a lighter note, I heard that a second season for Kuroshitsuji was announced. The last words of Sebastian to Ciel were apparently, “Young Master, open your eyes.” (:

    1. She… Well, I guess you should see it yourself and make your own conclusions 😛 I’ll just say that Claudio had a horrible experience…

      Oh, I posted about Kuroshitsuji recently too 🙂 I really look forward to the second season, especially since it seems like a sequel rather than a retelling 🙂 If I recall correctly, the last words were, “Dewa, Bou-chan” It is quite open ended, but I don’t think it can be interpreted as open your eyes. However, it seems that Sebastian is going to tell Ciel that the contract is nullified due to his missing arm with the sign.

  2. Whoops, haha. I got that from a forum as my Japanese is really nonexistent. Aha he has found a way to make use of his missing arm, as perverse as it sounds. (:

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