Ristorante Paradiso 10

One of the best episodes of the series 🙂

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This episode focused on Luciano. His wife died nine years ago, but he still keeps her in his heart and resists advances of other women. I think he is doing the right thing – I don’t think I would be able to marry again after loosing a wife. However, I didn’t like one of his phrases. What the hell is wrong with coming to a concern with another woman?! I guess it is understandable due to his old age (64) and upbringing. I do respect his loyalty to his wife though.

Claudio is also single, but his circumstances are different. It seems both him and his wife have difficulty expressing their feelings. His former wife is a lawyer and her room is painted with a cold palette. Claudio has a flashback about their parting and she confesses that she really appreciated his morning coffee. I wonder if they both were more open to each other their marriage would have survived…

Nicoletta also hesitates inviting Claudio to a concert, but she does commit a kind of a Freudian slip 😛

Overall, the episode was very pleasant, especially due to well-painted backgrounds and very fitting music 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ristorante Paradiso Episode 10

  1. Ooh, you are finally back on updating. (: Or rather, I happen to be the one who was missing this turn around! I have yet to follow up on Ristorante Paradiso, but this episode seems quite worth the download. It’s about time we know more about grumpy old Luciano. Indeed, the art and music in this series so far is fitting, almost to perfection. (:

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