Kazuto Nakazawa‘s Moondrive is about a treasure hunting adventure. I also mention my brief impression of the Genius Party Beyond collection.

I only liked music 😛 This animation featured one of my favorite tracks on the Genius Party Beyond OST: “Japanese Blues”.

This is the last of the five animated films of Genius Party Beyond collection. Overall, I found Genius Party Beyond films much weaker compared to the first batch of Genius Party films because style heavily outweighed substance. The best thing in Genius Party Beyond to me was the music.

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2 thoughts on “Genius Party Beyond: Moondrive

  1. Haha, I didn’t really understand the stories behind the animations screened that day. We saw all the Genius Party series, but they were quite cryptic. It was strange, definitely. (:

    1. Yes, many stories are quite cryptic, but this one was rather straightforward about a failed attempt to locate treasure that turned out to be something else 😛 Oh, that poor woman…

      My favorites are Opening, Happy Machine, and Baby Blue 🙂

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