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8 thoughts on “1001 Expressions of Nicoletta

  1. Cool! Now I can visit this page for drawing references! =3

    I’m still not up-to-date on watching Ristorante Paradiso, but I do love what they are doing with Nicoletta’s expressions. I also like how shes not drawn in that stereotypical-moe-sense. Its different and quiet charming! 😀

      1. oh btw, I don’t know if you’re a math major, but you seriously need to learn how to count. *ba dum PSH* I’m almost certain my browser would explode if you were to post 1001 pics of Nicoletta being Nicoletta =D

  2. nice! priceless! That would be nice with Li-ren as well. Man, he makes such expressions! 😀
    Well I don’t like the manga art so much, but I really like the anime design. It doesn’t have so thick, rough lines nor many angles on their figures

    1. haha Thank you for reminding me – Li Ren post is in development 😛

      Yes, they streamlined the character design in the anime, striking just the right balance.

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