“But this year I began to feel the stars are set and the wheels of time are linked, which made me decide to sing in front of you, so we share the undulation.”

Robin suddenly stated that she was going to sing in front of audience at Kanno’s Cho-jiku-tanabata Sonic concert held on July 7 2009. At the end of the concert, Kanno, after conducting long symphonic medley performed by Warsaw Philharmonic, turned to the audience and sang a number named ‘Moon’ which is attributed to Robin. This event is thought to be Kanno’s coming out admitting Robin’s identity to Kanno herself. (Source)

[via Gabriela Robin Site]


2 thoughts on “Gabriela Robin Is…

  1. Well, that settles a long-running question. There’s more than enough evidence to link the two that’s been built up over time, but it’s nice to have confirmation.
    Still, perhaps there might be interesting ramifications – now that people are aware Kanno can sing, perhaps she might gain a more pop idol-like following?

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