Spice and Wolf 2 OP and ED

July 9, 2009

Spice and Wolf 2 OP and ED

Opening Theme: “Mitsu no Yoake” by Akino Arai
Ending Theme: “Perfect World” by Rocky Chack

Summer 2009 Anime Preview


  1. Meh, ED wasn’t as fun as season 1’s

    • The OP song is nice though🙂

  2. The ED Song was alright but it’s the Horo x Kraft cuteness in the visuals that I love. I like the OP theme. Akino Arai has a very pleasant voice.

    • Yes, the ED is cute, and I like Arai’s performance🙂

  3. I looooved the opening!!! Already longing for the song, can’t wait till the OST is coming out ;(

    • Yes, the OP song is nice🙂 The OST might be good, but I am not familiar with Yuuji Yoshino’s music.

  4. lovely, lovely, lovely! oh I’ll certainly watch it this time…I LOVE Horo! both OP and ED are good. perhaps not as good as in the 1rst season but still they are kawai~~~~~~ >.<

    • I also like that foxy, especially her tail :3

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