Macross Frontier Film: Itsuwari no Utahime (“Fake Diva”) – 2009-11-21

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23 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Movie Trailer!!!

  1. Hmm so it basically is a re-hash of the show then?

    Ahh well considering how gorgeous the mecha looks from those shots I’ll love it anyway!

  2. Yayy how exciting…this is at the top of my list. Second would be Eden of the east movie :O which is also coming out in November. But when does Macross frontier movie release in USA?

  3. Yeeey! 8D

    More Macross Frontier. 83 Which means more Alto, which is equal to pure awesomeness. :3
    Thanks for sharing. :3

      1. Yes. XD I do like him…
        And to be honest, he’s the reason I started watching Macross Frontier 4 weeks ago. ;D
        He was on the cover of an Anime/Manga/J-Culture magazine (they were doing a Macross overview), and somehow I liked that character. (turned out to be Alto) :3

          1. Yeah, I found it earlier when I was browsing through your blog.
            I find it quite interesting actually…
            Do you happen to know if ‘Saotome’ is Saotome’s real last name?
            Or that they picked it for Alto a) because of the real Saotome and b) because of it’s meaning?

            It’s too much of a coincidence that it means something like “little rice plucking girl”… Not sure about the exact translation, but it’s something like that.

            1. Well, given Alto’s family tradition, I find it likely that they based this character on Taichi. The meaning is also fitting because Alto does look like a girl 😛

              1. Yeah, you’re probably right. They’re too much alike.
                I wonder what it feels like, to have a character of an established value
                like Macross based on you.

                Yeah, I know. XD And that’s why I find it too much of a coincidence that a “Girly Man” like Alto has a name like that… But that might just me be. >_>”

  4. Kotowari,

    Having a character based on you can make one more popular, so that can be a positive thing for him. On the other hand, some people can stay indifferent to such things.

  5. This movie looks like its gonna be a good one. Are both movies releasing at the same time or do we have to wait for the release of one movie then the other?

    Do we know how soon it wil be released in the US?

  6. The movie will not be released outside Japan i am afraid for copyright reasons but it will become available in DVD and Bluray in 2010

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