Kikuko Inoue Songs


7 thoughts on “Kikuko Inoue Songs

  1. Watashi wa Seiko desu, i love inoue kikuko san, even though she’s 46 yrs.old, i love her,number 1 idol, i’m always looking of songs of her, 2 bad i can’t find some cd’s here on the phil..

  2. How are you related 2 her Kitsune-san? W0w i am like you, c0’z even th0ugh she’s 46 years old, i stlill l0ve and ad0res her, i h0pe i can chat with her, when that happens i’ll be the happiest girl in the world hehe,i’m just 14 years old but i’m idolize her veeery much,anyway can u tell me her s0ngs? And tell me the best wapsite 4 me 2 download if u kn0w?.. Arigat0 Kitsune-san..

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