Sheryl Nome – May’n – Pink Monsoon

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12 thoughts on “Sheryl Nome – May’n – Pink Monsoon

  1. Other than the lullaby and Damion crevasse being awesome the rest are…..meh…including this >>

    I do enjoy a variety of anime music mind you but but gaaaaa MF seems lacking…. then again I can think of 3 or 4 songs from M7 I liked.
    I like one of the endings to Regios, love the first ending to cross game, the opening is nice as well. Tears to Tiara has a solid op/en, like Basquash! frist op/en. And I lluuuuuuuuvvvv the ending to guin I so want to reap(make some fan english lyrics out if). I have moved up from hammering out bad fan lyrics to making bad fan lyric videos

    Witch hunter Robin, Half Pain

    Its not bad could be better, if anything I do not translate as much as try and convey the song in English without losing its meanings…then again I do tend to add what I precive it to mean. Oh well conveying feeling is subjective after all.

    1. As I mentioned in my post covering anime music in 2008, Macross Frontier was the best. Yoko Kanno delivered another excellent set of compositions and performances of May’n and Maaya Sakamoto were great. I also enjoyed music by Michiru Oshima (Xam’d) and Taku Iwasaki (Kuroshitsuji).

      The ED songs in Cross Game and Guin Saga are very good indeed.

      Oh, that’s interesting lyrics paraphrasing 🙂

      1. I dunno it seemed typical, but there again I like what I like and cheery pick perhaps to much, I adored wolfs rain op/ed, and liked most of cowboy bebops songs. MF felt too over the top perhaps? I am not saying its bad, the first opening was catchy, perhaps what it is they are just to pop/fluffy for me to really enjoy.
        I tend to love sad/sorrowing or “solace” songs more.

        I have worked out some interesting fan lyrics for Damion crevasse

        If anything I try and re paraphrase direct translations into something more fitting in English(at least to what my pathetic ability allows) without over hauling the music or lyrics. One of my inspirations for doing this is ranma 1/2 it didn’t matter if the song was silly or not it was translated where it conveyed the same message, now adays of course songs are either ignored, badly subed,replace or worse yet mutated into some annoying English variant(first or 2nd ending to inuyahsa, and yes I do realize a few of its songs where made into English by its group/singer, every heart and deep forest for instance tho some feel more forced/oddly balanced than others, deep forest which to this day the English version annoys me to no end because it dose not captivate/convey the power in the Japanese lyrics.
        I need to do fan lyrics of it and Shinjitsu no Uta but my attention span and good energy to play with stuff is limited at best.

        I have done a few other lyrics well enough I put them on my DA page
        I know its an odd hobby but I am a strange man after all. ^^
        If anything it(and all my writing projects) helps me deal with my word/grammar and letter organization issues if just by hardcore trial and error.

        And I do apologize for my odd style of communication/grammar one can say I am a infinite work in progress. LOL

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