“Modern anime are getting dynamic, but the expression in motion that cel anime had is lacking.”

Noboru Ishiguro (Legend of Galactic Heroes, Macross, Tytania) Panel at Otakon 2009

  • Tytania is Ishiguro’s first project in 13 years
  • The ending of Tytania had to be carefully considered so it provides a bit of closure, but doesn’t betray the character of the series.
  • Yoshiki Tanaka did not want to write something similar to his other work, so he initially set out to create something “impossible to animate“.
  • Kikukawa raised the tension level in the audience when he asked who had seen the series, “either legally or through some other method.” A few hands shot up, and Ishiguro thanked the fans regardless.

CG has a lot of power, but it takes a lot of vision to get it right. We ended up doing traditional key frames and finished them in CGI.”

“Less animators can draw mecha, and that is bound to become an issue.”

“It’s been on a while since I worked on an anime that airs weekly, and since the deadlines are weekly, it wears on you. Even if you think you’re ready, it’s still difficult.”

Source: ANN

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12 thoughts on “Otakon 2009: Noboru Ishiguro

  1. I hear alot of complaints about anime being either poorly written or over use of the same frames.

    I look at modern film and its supposed block busters and shake my head. Its not so much quality as how the majority precive a medium to be, video gaming has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10-20 years but is still regarded as a child’s toy, animation is also struggling with that but more so since it competes directly with film/tv it dose not get the backing it deserves.

    I think it would help if animators took aniamtion a bit more seriously IE less contrived and poor dialog and scripting less lowest bidder work on the animation, I mean seriously a decent computer assisted studio can hammer out anything on time and budget without server drop’s in quality it seems more of a disservice is being done to the project not only via hiring sloppy studios but wasting more time and money on the sires as a whole by having to go back and redo stuff for the DVD launch.

    For the medium to get better the upper echelons/CEOs,upper management,ect are going to have to do a better job supporting a project in its entity other than looking at short term rushed goals that are set unrealistically low or high.

    If its better supported/staffed you’ll have more eager and skilled artists coming out of the wood work, that means more chances to battle more matured mediums like film and TV on a truly equal footing.

    As for as CGI goes its just another style of animation to me, what matters is how it is merged with a show, one of the most impressive visual themes in Tytania is not so much the GCI but the way the ships are designed its almost like they are floating daggers posed for the attack, which works splendidly with the period drama theme that’s always in the backdrop. At least these are my thoughts on it.(I know I am confusing ><)
    I try and cover barriers to enjoying anime(yes I know it sucks like most of my museings)

    I really need to add animation as a barrier, because it can be more of one that most(even me) can give it credit for. I don't know about the east I hear mixed opinions alot but for the west its mostly seen as immature and easily dismissed.

    1. Anime, like any other industry, depends on the demand. Of course, it is quite profitable to create something for mass consumption with relatively low budget.

      1. True true it just seems if a bit more work was but into it it would a much better medium, but like anything else in media the rule of lowest common denominator sets the general pace for it.

        Its just so frustrating to see stuff run into the ground for cheap anything on the hope it will raise profits.

        1. If I may add sometimes I feel changing stuff to suit the lowest common denominator is just a way to fool one self that that they are making progress as things survive on the whims of mass consumption rather randomly, if more things were made on their own merit you’d have more shows that were not so questionably remade, you might have a total number of produced shows that’s lower than it is now but I would bet profit/loss averages would not change any.

          But I guess in the end most companies are out to make maxim profit on minimal effort despite the cost. Which can confuse me but then again I am fuzzy bwained! =><=

  2. Gosh, he hasn’t worked on anime for 13 years? Could that be the reason why his Tytania didn’t receive very warm response from more critical fans? I mean, he is responsible for one of the greatest masterpieces in anime after all :/

    1. No, that’s is not the reason in my opinion. Tytania is a masterpiece in terms of directing. However, the plot definitely could have taken a better direction. Unfortunately, the original novels, written by Yoshiki Tanaka (Legend of Galactic Heroes), were not finished.

      1. Ya but I feel despite its issues it would not have been received well if it had a more solid plot/story. The series dose not go out of its way to make itself “seen” amongst anime fans. And without over the top advertising or a clear genre to sell to by default. It has to make its own impact and niche in the anime comunity. Which means a slow start. Has it started to be sold on DVD? It might pick up in a year if it found its palce or it might just linger on.

        A shame really this series is better than most.

  3. Ah. I was very pleased with the first two episodes of Tytania, but decided to wait for the entire show to finish so I can marathon it. Unfortunately, many fans whose opinions I trusted didn’t have positive things to say about it, so I witheld it until now.

    It’s a shame that great directing did not save the lack of quality writing. From what I hear, the novel is a real work of art, so could that mean the blame is now on the script writers (lol…we just need the scapegoat don’t we)

    1. Indeed, we should blame the writers! In fact, the situation is so grave, that ANN does not even list them because people are afraid of being persecuted for writing such a show ๐Ÿ˜›

      So… want to know the dark secret why Tytania is this way? That’s because Zetsubou Sensei writer (ANN) Kenichi Kanemaki (Wiki) worked on it lol Apparently, his love for comedy went too far this time ๐Ÿ˜› The other writer (ANN) Nobuaki Kishima (Wiki) responsible for the second half of the anime (14-26), participated in many sports anime. Several people dropped the show after episode 15 – it was cute actually ๐Ÿ™‚

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