Kikuko Inoue Otakon 2009


  • As usual, Inoue introduced herself as “a 17-year-old girl
  • She is really impressed with what a nice city Baltimore is and how everyone is so friendly

Good vs Evil

  • She feels happy doing the nice roles since they are “quite relaxing.”
  • “Usually I hide the ‘dark’ parts of my personality,” said Inoue, “but through those roles, I can explore that side of me – and that’s fun.”

Hentai vs Regular Anime

  • Inoue voiced Ruko Tatase in Ogenki Clinic (1991)
  • She took the role since her agency told her the job would “be an experience that would give me breadth in roles.”
  • “I feel like I was tricked into it”

Favorite Role

  • She doesn’t have a favorite role specifically
  • “I would love it if I could be on a show that runs as long as Sazae-san.”

Male Character Roles

  • Male character roles are a “stress killer” since she can scream lines of dialogue.

Old Roles

  • Inoue says that she hasn’t grown tired of playing any of her characters
  • Reunion of the Ranma ½ cast was a positive, fun experience

Future Roles

  • Inoue admired Fujiko Mine (Lupin the Third) since childhood
  • She hopes to play a female spy/femme fatale role in the future

Activities Outside of Anime

  • Radio show called Kikuko Shaberi Mero
  • Wild Strawberry does jazz-influenced cover versions and arrangements of anime songs
  • Playing Lobelia (Sakura Wars) in the live action musical was a nice change of pace, even though mastering her character’s trademark “walk” was tricky

Source: ANN

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11 thoughts on “Otakon 2009: Kikuko Inoue

  1. God reading this makes me feel even more stressed to get my own report out.. >_< Well waiting for other Otakon coverage to check if my own facts are accurate.

        1. Indeed, having multiple projects to work on can be very stressful. One of the things that may help is breaking the huge task of finishing them all into smaller parts. Try dedicating small chunks of time to writing activities: just writing something, even if it is very poor writing for 10 minutes and then stop (of course you can continue if you feel like it). Then make another 10-minute sprint sometime later. Because you know that you will be working for a limited time, it might feel less stressful.

  2. I am so jealous of all of you that got to see her !
    I am a cynical old fart, but she reduces me to a blithering fanboy !
    Yes, some of this is shtick , but she seems to sincerely care about her fans .
    There is sort of a goofy elegance about her .
    Oh,and it was nice of her to come out to America again .
    Thanks for the reportage , etc.

    1. Yes, it must have been a great opportunity for those who attended.

      I see what you mean. Kikuko tends to have such an effect on people 🙂

      You are welcome – I just tired to summarize other reports.

  3. Kikuko Inoue is very beautiful i want to meet her in person…. though i`m here in the philippines… haah.. but i`m not giving up till i can`t meet her and she can`t meet me too… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIKUKO_SAN.. i loved you.. anata o aishite imasu… you can see me in my fs i began to like you since you voiced Queen Ercell!!!

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