Canaan Anime 4

This amazing episode is an example of excellent synergy between art and music 😀 I can’t wait for Canaan OST release! Performance of Maaya Sakamoto and Miyuki Sawashiro was great as well 🙂

The official Japanese website for the CANAAN television anime has announced that a three-movie version of the ongoing series has been green-lit for Japanese theaters in October. The three movies will compile the television anime’s 13 episodes. (Source)

*Spoilers* from the 428 game regarding the events in this episode:

Alphard killed Sham because she was secretly ordered to eliminate all witness including her teammates when she, Sham & Canaan were hired to steal the UA Virus on the Train. Alphard had to kill him since he knew her too well. Canaan survive because she chase & fought before Alphard change her mind & escape without the virus.

Also, the reason Canaan had the same Snake Tattoo as Alphard was because she was jealous that Alphard was close with Sham & wanted the same tattoo as her. (Source)

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8 thoughts on “Canaan Anime Episode 4

  1. this OST has just shot up to the top my list. Nanase Hikaru has done 2 great OSTs in a row for Requiem for the Phantom and now this!!!

    but what is it about this anime? the characters, story, comedy … not everything is top-notch, but somehow it just all makes for an interesting ride 🙂
    (well, besides Alphard =P)

    1. Indeed, Canaan OST will be great! 🙂 In addition to excellent music, I enjoy directing by Masahiro Ando the most – the anime is filled with poignant scenes and frames. He made the storyboard for this episode as well.

      Another interesting characteristic is the expressions. Although many of them are exaggerated, others are much more subtle manifestations of emotions.

      Also this anime features many talented voice actors 🙂

      Moreover, in the midst of all the action, it might be easy to miss the background. Takeshi Waki depicted the city as well as the natural landscapes by rendering them realistically yet preserving the warmth that is missing from many modern anime.

  2. oops. i just noticed it, but doesn’t Shamu have the same tatoo as canaan and alphard (at around 4:15)? argh, it’s too small to see properly

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