The Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF, Korean: 서울 국제 만화 애니메이션 페스티벌) is an annual showcase festival of animation, cartoon and related art genres held in Seoul, South Korea since 1995.

This year, the Korea animation community is emphasizing international co-production ventures and the establishment of strong business partnerships with other, overseas studios in good standing, and celebrating 100 years of Korean comics.

100 Years

Special exhibit chronicled the history of Korean comics throughout the past century, highlighting several moments of social, political, and cultural breakthroughs South Korea has combat in comic form.


Among many films screened at the festival was Ryuhei Kitamura’s Baton. Some anime series were screened as well, including Eden of the East and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

SICAF Promotional Plan (SPP)

Highly competitive SPP proposes animations currently in development (or the earliest stages of production) to an audience of buyers of international reputation.

The most fascinating of the twenty finalists of this year’s Promotional Plan is Studio DONGDONG’s feature film presentation Fly June (70 min) that’s been in development since August 2008 and projected release Spring 2011.

Plot Summary: June Kim wants to be a pilot. She’s always wanted to be a pilot, but since June stands a hair above an even five-feet-tall, the girl has been denied access to a number of national aviation schools. As Fly June continues, the teenager’s long held zeal for flying subsequently sends June to new countries, meeting new people, facing new challenges, and ultimately, reaching new heights. A mix of 2D and computer animation, Fly June aims to be a whirlwind of adventure, fantasy, and drama; a task the film’s animators are more than eager to accomplish.


  • Director: Kim Yun-hee (Blue Submarine No. 6, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Yobi the Five-Tailed Fox)
  • Producer: Sun Kyung-hee (The Day to the Sea, The Story of Mr. Sorry)

Source: Animation Insider

I’ll conclude this post with a sand animation performance by Ferenc Cakó at SICAF 2003 that I mentioned before, but it is worth re-posting 🙂

Further Reading: Official SICAF 2009 Website


4 thoughts on “SICAF 2009: Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

  1. Although I can’t view that youtube clip of sand animation (that’s Australian internet for ya -_-) I still remember, after all these years. It was…just…magical.

    I will no doubt take a look at some of the screenings when my cap is lifted, since there are always some that are so worth seeing, and gets to see if there are some good korean animations to watch, which is soooooo rare…

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