I liked the upbeat song “Action” by Maaya Sakamoto and cute bunnies 🙂 Kobato was animated for the first time in CLAMP in Wonderlad 2. This Fall 2009, anime TV version of Kobato (24 episodes) will air 🙂


8 thoughts on “CLAMP in Wonderland 2

  1. Ah I remember watching this. It’s kinda painful though…I love their design, but I hear (from more critical fans) that their stories aren’t as good in their anime. That’s why I have been reluctant to try out Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxholic.

    *btw, I was not offended at all by your last comment on my blog x_X. If anything, I was flattered lol, to have someone consider my performance as an interpretation ^^. I intended no sarcasm :(.

    1. I have not read or watched many CLAMP works, but Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHolic were somewhat interesting (I have not finished them though). Also I recall watching X movie a long time ago – it was very sad 😦

      Oh, that’s good! 🙂 Sorry for misunderstanding.

  2. Ahh CLAMP artwork! I love them so much, but would have to agree that the plot is very hard to get into. I believe the only series I ever managed to finish with CLAMP would have to be Chobits, and bits of xxxHolic, but yet… these CLAMP in Wonderland videos are great – have to say my heart was won when I saw the first one. But the 2nd is so bouncy!

    I try to gobble as much artbooks as possible, and right now waiting anxiously for a xxxholic one that is long over due, but interested to see how Kobato would turn out.

    1. Actually I take it back..!!! CLAMP in Wonderland 2 has so many of CLAMP memories for me! 2 was more of an improvement of 1! 1 was the first crossover though, so that has its good bearing.

    2. Well, at least the videos look nice 🙂

      I saw many interesting artworks based on xxxHolic 🙂

      I like many cute animals in Kobato, and the set up sounds promising, but I’ll have to check out the first few episodes to see how it looks like.

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