Kemono no Sou-ja Erin – Episode 23

August 1, 2009

Kemono no Souja Erin 23

Esal made a difficult, but right decision that may have serious consequences for many people…

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  1. Over the last few days I’ve finally caught myself up on this series. I’d last watched episode 6 so there was a ways to go but it was fun to have so many episodes to watch.🙂

    This series is awesome. It’s taken so many unexpected turns, I’m really anxious to see how the rest of the story will unfold.

    The one thing I kinda wish is that we could go back and see Erin’s original village and see how everyone’s doing.

    • Oh wow, looks like you watched many episodes in relatively short period of time🙂

      I enjoy some unexpected aspects as well🙂

      Probably, we’ll see Erin’s village at one point.

  2. I can’t help but LOL at the screenshot with the green fella. Haven’t been online in awhile, seriously. Too busy, haha. Aww, the little beastie! 8DDDD Perhaps I will watch this anime after all, from your positive reviews as well as cute creatures! Only creatures can make me fangirl like this, seriously. Not even *cough*Sebastian*cough* Had another round of embarrassment today again.

    • haha Yes, that green picture is funny🙂

      Being busy can be a good thing🙂

      I Sebastian😛 Oh, what happened to you?

  3. Haha, it was during digital painting class, and one of my friends had a few jpeg pictures of him.

    My other classmate exclaimed none too quietly: “Cheri, it’s Sebastian!”

    Me: Huh?

    Friend 1: On this computer screen!

    Friend 2: Oh, your boyfriend?

    Me: NO. (facepalms)

    My best friend next to me was making comments throughout the entire lesson. Should I be feeling blessed for having such a popular husband? Lol.

    • Oh, what kind of software you use in that digital painting class?

      hahaha Your friends have a good sense of humor😛 Oh, don’t worry about it – they are just being jealous😛

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