Canaan Anime AMVs

August 12, 2009

Canaan Anime AMVs

“Paradise Lost” by Chihara Minori (OP from Gar Rei)

“Unborn Child” by Origa

“Nara” by E.S.Posthumus

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  1. wow. kudos to whoever did the 3rd AMV. the scenes and music were so appropriate.
    Thanks Kitsune🙂

    • Indeed, the third AMV is really good🙂

  2. I find it so impressive that for a series that is still airing people have already managed to make amazing AMVs out of the material they have.
    The song for the first AMV is a bit too annoying for me to appreciate it, but the second and third AMVs I really enjoyed watching.

    • I noticed that AMVs tend to be created even based on one or two episodes if the anime is popular. Kuroshitsuji AMVs were very quick! hehe

      I really liked the third AMV🙂

  3. hi there kitsune, not sure if you’ve seen this, it’s quite good:


    • Oh, I have not seen it yet – thank you for mentioning it, Mei🙂 It is a nice action AMV🙂

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