Bounen no Xamdou OST

Xam’d music by Michiru Oshima was one of the best in 2008 🙂

1. 太陽の祖母(サンノオバ)
2. 群青に進む船
3. 胎動の扉が開く
4. 童心~戯れ~
5. 童心~好奇心~
6. 車窓 黒く光る海
7. それぞれの企み
8. 堕夢人(ザムド)のテーマ~現に一添えの想い~
9. 衝突 積年の想い
10. 礼拝~再誕の儀~
11. ヒトガタ~人類への復讐~
12. 立ち続け 上を見よ
13. 忘れえぬ優しさ
14. 帰還 朝陽
15. 望郷
16. 終わらない哀しみ
17. ハル 私の大切な人
18. 共犯 逃げられぬ場所
19. 南大陸自由圏
20. 水の中を揺らす風
21. 眠れない子供たち
22. 鍛錬
23. 噛み合わぬ心
24. 悪意のひとつもない戦い
25. 夕陽に濃くおちる影
26. ぬくもりと旅する二人
27. ナキアミ 届かない気持ち
28. 深く眠る緑心石
29. 咲く乱 暴力
30. 戦禍~魂の回収~

1. 散りゆく御霊(みたま)
2. 回想 気持ちは一緒
3. 華 カキスキススカッキ
4. 親子のかくれんぼ
5. 前へ ゆっくりと一歩ずつ
6. 君子の金言~敵について~
7. アマウの原~悲しみのない世界~
8. 決意 裸足デ行ク
9. 想いは走る
10. 堕夢人(ザムド)のテーマ~言葉なく泣くだけの二人~
11. 金剛塔 第十七禁漁区
12. 実験
13. 世界が作った醜い子
14. 誕生 ヒルケン皇帝
15. 敗戦国のヒューマニズム
16. 闇に咲く 日輪の羽
17. 極東自治区~ASP部隊~
18. 揺れる心
19. どうしても聞こえなくなってゆく声
20. ヒルコ~はぐれた子供達~
21. ずっと 秘めていた言葉
22. 大巡礼~咲いて散る魂~
23. 愛 私を殺しに来い
24. 亡き魂の邂逅(かいこう)
25. ナキアミ 夜はまた来る
26. 名を与えし者 堕夢人
27. そして旅はつづく
28. あなたは今 私の中に入っています
29. 堕夢人(ザムド)のテーマ~届かない手紙~
30. 再会 微笑むあなた

These are some of my favorite tracks:

The theme from episode 20 is one of the most poignant pieces on this OST. It sounds very similar to some other relatively old composition, but I forgot its title…

1.03 Taidou no Tobira ga Hiraku (instrumental)
2.22 Daijunrei Saitechiru Tamashi (vocal)

These two variations feature excellent strings. Nakiami version sets a good build up.

1.25 Yuuhi Koku Ochiru Kage
2.25 Nakiami – Yoru wa Mata Kuru

Xam’d Theme

1.08 Xam’d no Theme ~Gen ni Hitozoe no (vocal)
2.29 Xam’d no Theme Todokanai Tegami (instrumental)
2.01 Chiriyuku Mitama (dramatic version)

“You sit proudly in this cave, like a Queen of Egypt. In my service to you, I shall never know rest.”

1.01 Taiyou no Sobo (vocal)
2.20 Hiruko Hagureta Kodomotachi (instrumental)

“The words of wise men illuminate our lives like the sun. Please listen closely…” Xam’d OST has at least five variations on this theme… These two are my favorite:

1.10 Reihai Saitan no Gi (orchestral)
2.06 Kunshi no Kingen Teki ni Tsuite

Another set of variations I liked, each with a distinct flavor.

2.05 Mae he Yukkuri Ippo Zutsu (orchestral)
1.13 Wasureeru Yasashisa
1.17 Haru – Watashi no Taisetsu na Hito

2.04 Oyako no Kakurenbo (orchestral)
1.26 Nukumori to Tabi Suru Futari

Miscellaneous pieces with interesting sound:

2.12 Jikken (strings)
1.05 Doushin (drums and guitar)

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17 thoughts on “Bounen no Xamdou OST

  1. Oh, thanks for posting this. The sample piece sounds promising. I would love to check out the entire ost. I like the ‘batik’ style image too. 🙂

    1. You are welcome 🙂 I like such drawing style 🙂

      It would be interesting to see how you perceive this music because, if I recall, you have not seen the anime. My view is very biased because some scenes are associated with certain music, making the overall impact stronger.

      1. Actually, I did watch the anime on and off, even caught the last episode…just never sat through the entire 26 episodes though I might recap at a later time. I totally love the OP songs by BBS though…absolutely rock and great visuals as well. 🙂

  2. i think with all the hype that every Kajiura-related/ Yoko Kano-related anime generates, it’s easy to overlook all the other equally talented japanese anime composers, like Oshima-san and Nanase Hikaru.

    I’ve been following Oshima-san ever since Le Chevalier D’Eon. That was another impressive OST. 🙂

    1. Indeed, other composers need more love 🙂 The next and last masterpiece of 2008 music comes out at the end of August: Kuroshitsuji OST (Taku Iwasaki) 🙂

      1. i’ve only just started with Kuroshitsuji….i thought the music style was familiar, it reminded me of “Personal Trinity Soul” and “Now and Then”, also by Iwasaki san, right?

        haven’t seen the OSTs for “Kurozuka” nor “Ultraviolet: Code 044”. those were pretty tightly interweaved with the plots too.

        1. Yes, that’s him 🙂 I especially liked Now and Then anime 🙂 This is a good AMV based on it.

          Oh yes, I also like Kiyoshi Yoshida (Kurozuka). I consider his Kaiba music among the top four of 2008 🙂

  3. Jeeze, yes. Those string pieces totally afflicted me while closing off Xamd. Powerful music, it totally shines during the series.

    🙂 huge ost

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