Maison Ikkoku Episode 1
Sorry To Keep You Waiting! I’m Kyoko Otonashi!
Omatase shimashita! Watashi ga Otonashi Kyoko desu!!
お待たせしました! 私が音無響子です!!

Maison Ikkoku was one of the first anime I watched in childhood, but I never finished it. A while ago, I posted a brief overview of the series and promised to myself to re-watch it someday. Recently, I stumbled upon some wonderful songs from this anime, and finding Juliette je t’aime AMV added more oil to the fire. I wanted to re-watch this anime, this time till the end, but I hesitated due to the length (96 Episodes). However, I recalled the concept of opportunity cost that my Economics professor was so fond of.

My interest in the new anime continues to dwindle, as I find myself less and less excited about each new season. I can cover several new popular shows that I am somewhat interested in or cover what some consider the best work of Rumiko Takahashi. On the other hand, not many people will be watching the show concurrently with me, but I hope that my coverage will bring back good memories for those who seen it already and reveal some trivia. 🙂

OP1: Kanashimi yo, Konnichiwa “Hello Sadness” by Yuki Saito

Nice pastel art and song in this opening 🙂

ED1: Ashita Hareru ka (Will Tomorrow Be Brighter?) by Takao Kisugi

I just love the ED: great music and visuals 😀

Maison (めぞん) = house (French)
Ikkoku (一刻) = a) Address at #1 Koku Street b) instant in time c) stubborn or hot-tempered

Names of the characters are quite interesting. This section also serves as a debriefing for the first part of my somewhat cryptic announcement 😉

Kyoko Otonashi – Room 0 – 音無 (not a sound)
Yusaku Godai – Room 5(五) – 五代 (five generations)
Yotsuya – Room 4(四) – 四谷 (four valleys)
Akemi Roppongi – Room 6(六) – 六本木 (six trees)
Ichinose Family – Room 1(一) 一の瀬 (first ford)


Overall, it was a great episodes – I look forward to the next one 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Maison Ikkoku – Episode 1

    1. Yes, she pays careful attention to character development. I wonder if there will be a kiss in the final anime installment. If not, I guess she’ll leave it up to your imagination and fanartists 🙂

  1. thanks kitsune, it’s always fun to come here cos i get reminded of all the fun in the older animes.

    i fogot the name, but the dog was funny. this was a really touching anime, godai was really dedicated in his love for kyouko.

    wish i had such wacky neighbours =p

    btw, if you haven’t watched the “live-action” movie, suggest you skip it. it wasn’t as good, imo.

    1. You are welcome, Mei 🙂 I am glad you enjoy visiting 🙂

      Ah yes, Soichiro-san is a nice dog 🙂

      haha Those neighbours would be too much for me 😛

      Thank you for the warning – I have not watched the movie yet. Also I heard that they’ve made a TV drama version out of it.

  2. Somehow, traditional art always catch my eye first! (: I tend to prefer that over digital. I remembered that my first anime was Pokemon I think. And believe it or not, I really thought that the show was originally in English! Bizarre, but when it was broadcasted here, it was quite well dubbed. I still love Lugia a lottt. <33 I think there were a few others that my cousin watched, but then I can't recall the names, haha. I think I saw Samurai X, a little. Used to think the lead character was a girl!

    1. Yes, I love traditional art too! 🙂

      haha That dub must have been really good. Actually, some anime sound better in other languages than Japanese, but it is an exception rather than a rule.

      Lugia is a nice Pokemon 🙂

      haha Well, Kenshin might look like a girl in some instances 😛 It was a good OVA 🙂

  3. Maison Ikkoku is awesome. I’ve only seen about 24 episodes of the anime, but I’m rather fond of the manga. I definitly think it’s the best series, Takahashi has ever created.

    and lol I never realized the connections that scene had with that myth before.

    1. Yes, it is a great anime 🙂

      That scene is more easily recognizable to the Japanese audience because most of them are familiar with the myth.

  4. Ah… One of my all time fav. Maison Ikkoku. I particularly loved the character designa and art direction of the beginning part of this anime. Ep14, where Kyoko goes to the wrong restaurant for a date, is my fav. ep. Art direction of that episode was godlike. Man… when you said you’re going to blog “classics” I didn’t think you would actually go back to 80’s. ^^

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