Kuroshitsuji OST is amazing! Taku Iwasaki created another masterpiece 😀 Diabolic Waltz, Si Deus Me Relinquit, The Dark Crow Smiles!

This OST features many flavors including opera, jazz, Indian motifs, Gregorian chants, but string pieces shine the most 🙂

Many of my visitors wondered about the titles of the songs. Here is complete list of the tracks and some of my favorites 🙂

disc 1:
01. Nigram Clavem
02. Prologue
03. 坊ちゃんに紅茶とスコーンを
04. Die Hasen!
05. La gardenia
06. 執事たるもの
07. 裏社会の秩序
08. The butler
09. Coffin man
10. The Drark Crow Smiles
11. Ciel
12. Faint smile
13. Jazzin’
14. Di”a”vertiment
15. Home Again
16. 英国の闇
17. 二度と戻らない大切な・・・
18. 王手を
19. Wie schon!
20. マダム・レッドの思い出に~1 レディ・レッド
21. マダム・レッドの思い出に~2 リコリスの色
22. a diabolic waitz
23. Intermission: Sebastian Michaelis Version

disc 2:
01. Intermission: Ciel Phantomhive Version
02. Si deus me relinquit
03. 人形の館
04. リジー
05. The Stranger from India
06. ジョー・アーギャー
07. “神”に仕えし者
08. rudra
09. The right hand of God
10. small wild flower
11. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen
12. Never More
13. 誇り高き女王の狗
14. The Dark Crow Smiles [remix]
15. Call thy name, “Stella Mystica”
16. A Gleam in the distance

disc 3:
01. モノクロのキス
02. I`m ALIVE
03. Lacrimosa
04. 貴方の声が色褪せようとも、盟約の歌がその胸に届きますように。
05. 月の雨

1.07 裏社会の秩序 Urashakai no chitsujo is often played mysterious theme

Many of you were wondering what music Sebastian plays in episode three 😉 Here it is! 1.22 Diabolic Waltz

2.15 Call thy name, Stella Mystica

2.14 The Dark Crow Smiles [remix] I like this psychedelic version much more because wonderful Gregorian chants were ruined by that voice in the original 😛

Kuroshitsuji OST contained plenty of Indian flavor 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised by the full versions of these songs 😀

1.09 Coffin Man
2.05 The Stranger from India
2.06 Jyo Agya
2.07 Kami ni tsukaeshi mono
2.08 Rudra – note the explosive change of pace in the middle of the song 🙂
2.09 The right hand of God
2.12 Never more – watch out for the climax at the end 😉

These compositions feature beautiful strings

1.11 Ciel theme is so sad 😦

1.21 マダム・レッドの思い出に~2 リコリスの色 Ricorisu no iro

2.16 A Gleam in the distance

2.02 Si deus me relinquit is one of my favorites or, perhaps, my favorite song from Kuroshitsuji! 🙂

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35 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji OST Black Box

  1. Ooh. (: I have yet to heard all the songs; am downloading them as I type this. Did you purchase the soundtrack? I certainly would do so-but unbelievably my parents aren’t keen on me buying originals when money can be saved by (ahem) downloading. Probably because the currency exchange rate here isn’t very strong, so most things from overseas can be pricey. And anime OSTs here are quite hard to acquire. I can almost see Sebastian smirking to himself now, oddly enough. Huh.

    1. Well, you can always order them online, but I see your situation. It is impossible to get an OST so quickly for most people. The fact that someone uploaded all the songs on the same day it was released is somewhat surprising, but, when I think about the popularity of the show, it makes sense. Xam’d OST took about a month to surface, although the quality of music is arguably better or at least similar.

      1. Yeah, people actually do so, and their swiftness is really quite amazing sometimes. I’m not allowed to order stuff online either. ): Pretty sad, no? By the way, have you seen the movie District 9? It’s a movie that tells a lot about us humans, albeit it’s pretty gory at times. There’s another film/documentary called The Cove, about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. I haven’t seen The Cove yet because it’s not out here.

        1. Yes, it is sad that you can’t order online 😦 It is only temporary though – in a few years you’ll be able to do what you want 🙂

          I heard about District 9, but have not seen it.

          I posted about The Cove in January.

  2. Oh, I’ve restrain myself from downloading the ost after being told that it’s available online and patiently waits for my very own black box set…haha & then I’ll let loose 😛 I consider the box set a collectible so it’s really worth ordering the physical item. Have already succumb to Kuro-spell & pre-ordered dvd 9 limited edition with all the bonus extras too… damn, Sebastian has me under his hold all this while… (^o^; *squeaks*

    1. Oh, I admire your strong will 🙂 It must be very tempting to check it out 😛

      Yes, I also wonder about that extra episode.

      Sebastian is just hypnotizing like that 😛

      1. After giving Disc 1 & 2 a proper track by track listen, I concur that Iwasaki really pulls out all the stops at nearly all the right places for the OST. He certainly created a masterpiece. It helps that the premise of the series provided him with lots of room to incorporate the cross cultural elements into his compositions.

        I noticed that most of the tracks you liked, I like too. The Colour of Licorice (I happen to like licorice sticks) is my pick as the theme with the best visually emotional sequence in the anime.

        My favourite Sebastian theme is ‘The Dark Crow Smiles – Remix version’. ‘The Coffin Man’ is my pick for being the coolest track.I love the mod-ethnic arrangement and it sounds fantastic on sens surround speakers. The flute snakes round and encircles you.

        The most soothing and meditative Indian piece is hands down ‘Kami ni tsukaeshi mono’. It sounds like what its title says…Godly. For the most sweeping mellow dramatic symphonic strings orchestration ala ‘Gone with the Wind’, I’m torn between ‘Home Again’ and ‘Small Wild Flower’.

        My choice for the most avant-garde track is ‘Si deus me relinquit’. It’s very distinctive on its own despite being a vocal variation of Ciel’s theme. Most mysterious theme ‘Urashakai no chitsujo’ of course.

        Favourite Operatic piece…’La Gardenia’ especially as it reminds me of Sebas-chan flying through air shooting cutlery at the baddies 😛

        And finally, what sits atop my list is the most longish german titled track that turns out to be an oriental piece with one of the most moving and weepy *erhu* solo I’ve heard from an anime soundtrack recently. This track along with ‘Gyokuro’ from Sengoku Basara are my favourite oriental-themed soundtrack piece.

        ~The End~ (/o^)/

        1. Thank you for a detailed comment 😀

          Yes, cross cultural flavor is unique in this OST 🙂

          I am glad we share similar taste 🙂

          The Colour of Licorice is a fitting theme for Madam Red.

          Yes, great use of flute in the Coffin Man 🙂

          I liked the voice in Kami ni tsukaeshi mono and a relaxing melody 🙂

          ‘Home Again’ and ‘Small Wild Flower’ do sound similar, and I don’t have a strong preference for one over the other.

          Yes, many tracks were variation on themes and Si deus me relinquit is one of the best examples 🙂

          When I hear Urashakai no chitsujo I think of Angela 😛

          it reminds me of Sebas-chan flying through air shooting cutlery at the baddies

          haha Yes, that’s a nice song.

          Indeed, Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (aka Lau theme) and ‘Gyokuro’ from Sengoku Basara are touching pieces 🙂

  3. “string pieces shine the most”

    so true….Si deus me relinquit’s my favorite (i’m being turned into a sucker for melancholic music).
    Iwasaki-san’s the only so far who can use just one plaintive & melancholic Ciel’s theme to churn out so many different variations.
    now to go dig out the Personal Trinity Soul and Now and Then OSTs to revel in the glory of his works 🙂

  4. Hehe, I ordered the Black Box and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail soon. Because I couldn’t wait to hear these without any other noise, I listened to Ciel’s Theme and Rikorisu no Iro, and I love them! 😀

  5. Ah, excellent post!
    I must admit I’m terribly envious XD.
    I’m starting work next week so I’ll have to wait a while till I can afford to get it.
    I thought about downloading it, but there’s so many songs and all sound amazing! How could I not get the beautiful set.
    “Si deus me relinquit”…I can’t even describe it lol we wanted a longer track and there it is!
    The entire set far exceeded my expectations.
    I feel silly being so excited about it :3
    I look forward to overlistening to them so much lol, Thanks for the great review.

  6. After your pimpage of this OST I decided to ahem-acquire it, and I’m happy to say that even though I’ve never heard of the show before now, the music was quite enjoyable. I have a special love for opera/classical pieces, so this just became my new favorite for the month. Disc 2 even had some Middle-East/Asia themes that were really nice. I’ve got over 90 OSTs and this is the only one I’ve ever heard the latter type of music on, except maybe some moments from Cowboy Bebop. Great find. 🙂

  7. Finally got my hands on that elusive OST collection that almost made me lose my mind finding. Thanks to generous uploaders, I can enjoy the sounds that I love from this anime. Although, have to admit, after hearing all the music, I only got to enjoy some and but a few of them,
    still glad though! ^_^
    To the nice uploaders out there, a big THANKS from us leechers!

  8. By the way, I browsed through other’s site and found this, you might want to know the disc 3 contents:

    Kuroshitsuji Sound Complete Black Box Disc 3
    By: SID, BECCA, Kalafina and Daisuke Ono (Sebastian Michaelis)
    1. Monochrome no Kiss
    2. I’m ALIVE!
    3. Lacrimosa
    4. Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga sono Mune ni Todokimasu you ni
    5. Tsuki no Ame

  9. Oooooooh I wants. I loved this show, I loved the gothic feel to it and a big part of that was the music.

    I loved the Ghost Hunt OST for similar reasons, it was so befitting of the atmosphere as is the case here.

    Or maybe I just like dark music, Danse Macabre is my fave piece after all!

  10. Taku Iwasaki, Taku Iwasaki… That name sound familiar.. Oh wait, isn’t that the person who made the music for the Rurouni Kenshin OVA’s? Yes, I’m quite sure.
    Oh, I love that music so much, so it’s certainly a boost to give this OST a try.

    I find it amusing that they put the first intermission at the end of the first cd and the second intermission in the beginning of the second CD. :3

      1. Ah, yes, that is a -very- beautiful song, and it fits the scene so well. T_T

        My favourite song has to be “In Memories-Kotowari”, yes, I learned my nickname from that song. :3

        Or “Alone Again”, “Shades of the Revolution”.. The music of the Seisouhen OVA is gorgeous as well. “Heart of the Sunrise”, “One more red nightmare”, “Your way”,…
        I could listen to both OST’s endlessly. 83

        1. haha Actually, I was contemplating if I should mention Kotowari in my reply because it is another one of my favorite songs too 🙂

          Indeed, those are very beautiful tracks 🙂 I wonder what anime he’ll work on next 🙂

          1. Haha, great. ^_^
            I think I fell in love with the song when I saw the last scene of RK:Tsuiokuhen. It fits it really well.

            So do I. And I really hope it’s anime that I will like. XD

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