Maison Ikkoku 2
Love is in the Air? Which one Does Kyoko Love Best?
Koi no hibana pachipachi! Kyoko-san wa dare ga suki?
恋の火花パチパチ! 響子さんは誰が好き

I really liked the ED song, but it sounded a little too short – here are full versions of OP and ED songs 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Maison Ikkoku – Episode 2

  1. “Godai has difficulty expressing his feelings… One of the reasons for such situations is fear of rejection”

    Yeah, and the fact that she is older than him, she is a widow and that she is very impulsive ^^;

    it is rather difficult for Godai who did not have much experience of life to overcome all these obstacles, as it is difficult for Kyoko to overcome her fear of love, which has already made her suffer with the death of Soichiro. I think that’s why this anime is so beautiful and touching, the 2 main characters that Rumiko Takahashi created are really interesting with their doubts and weaknesses. They are characters of great humanity.

    Thank you for your article on this wonderful anime and sorry if my english is a little crap ^^;

    1. Indeed, Takahashi’s characters look very real and the audience can identify with them. She is really good at character development 🙂

      You are welcome 🙂 No problem, you English is good 🙂 I plan to cover all episodes, so don’t hesitate to visit again and share your views 🙂

  2. I’m not sure whether Takahashi’s characters here are realistic because I really tend not to think that way just by looking at Yotsuya(?) and Roppongi–. But I agree that there is a touch of reality between Godai and Kyoko.

    I’m not sure with the names, I’m just guessing through their room numbers.

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