Kuroshitsuji Musical: Ongaku Butoukai Kuroshitsuji


Ciel Phantomhive: Sakamoto Shougo (阪本奨悟)
Sebastian Michaelis: Matsushita Yuuya (松下優也)
Bard: Koyama Tsuyoshi (小山剛志)
Finnian: Minami Shouta (南 翔太)
Meilin: Igari Atsuko (猪狩敦子)
Grelle Sutcliff: Uehara Takuya (植原卓也)
Lau: Ryuuya (龍 弥)
Undertaker: Izumi Shuuhei (和泉宗兵)
Abberline: Ise Naohiro (伊勢直弘)
Yuuki: Aoyagi Ruito (青柳塁斗)
Kirito: Miyashita Yuuya (宮下雄也(RUN&GUN))
Kai: Oshino Daichi (押野大地)

DVD will be released in December


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10 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Musical

  1. Justice for Sebastian-sama! TT__TT

    I know I’m expecting too much to want to see the hawtness of the 2D Sebastian in the actor, but eh… it’s hard when the anime/manga set those high expectations, right? (I’m totally justifying myself lol)

  2. Reminds me of when I first heard that Tennis no Oujisama was being turned into a musical, and when I first heard that One Piece was being turned into a musical.

    Shock and disbelief pretty much sums it up. Not because I thought they’d stink – in the hands of the right people they could turn out pretty good – but simply because the idea seems too farfetched to be true. Such is Japan, the land of limitless merchandising potential.

    For my part, I’d pay big money to see Rurouni Kenshin turned into a Kabuki play.

  3. Oho, this musical XD Yeah I have seen this video. I’m not entirely sure what to think about this haha, probably because I’m too busy laughing. And I don’t know the reason why. I replied to your email, by the way. (:

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