24 thoughts on “Expressionism in Kemono no Sou-ja Erin (Part 1)

    1. Yes, I love the use of color in this anime 🙂 These particular shots are representative of certain sequences featured in some episodes, but the environments, that I’ll cover later, are very well designed also.

  1. I love the expressions here. (: The art direction is very 2D, reminiscent of Mayan and Native American artworks. Maybe some of Greek as well; is that the setting for this anime? You must include the beastie for your second half of this post!

    1. Yes, these shots have a distinct 2D character, representing only some sequences in the anime 🙂 Akira Suzuki’s specialty is 3D actually (Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Blue Submarine No.6, Vandread) along with some directorial experience (Kodocha, Lupin III and Ranma movies), but he created wonderful environments in Erin – background art is a subject of my next post 🙂

      Yes, it is somewhat similar to Mayan and Greek art 🙂 To me it evoked the spirit of the Expressionist movement of 20th century such as art by Franz Marc.

      Beasty is too important – she will get her own post 🙂

      The setting is unique and not based on one specific area.

    1. This anime is a candidate to becoming my favorite anime of all time, but it is not for everyone. It is relatively slow-paced slice-of-life fantasy drama. It seems that people who enjoy it tend to be in late 20s -50s.

      1. i’m really liking Uehashi Nahoko-san’s works more and more.
        Seirei no Moribito was excellent, and I still remember Balsa’s stoicism and Chagum’s quiet determination. Of course, I.G Production did a great job on it too. I just wish they’ll do the rest of the books, cos i’m taking just too long to read the rest.
        and Erin and Lilan are beginning to grow on me 🙂

        1. Yes, I heard many good things about Moribito.

          Erin is based on the first two books if I recall. The last two books were published this August. I wonder if they will animate them as well 🙂

      2. I share that sentiment. It’s becoming one of my favorites next to the Seikai no Senki series, which featured another strong female character, Lafiel.

        This anime is like an extended version of a Hayao Miyazaki movie. Erin’s strength in character is very similar to Miyazaki’s heroines.

        But like you said, its not for everyone and I think appeal to only older anime viewers.

      3. I think this is one of the best anime I have ever seen and I am fifteen. Great screenshots by the way.

  2. Hmm… it seems like crunchyroll has added this series recently. I remember watching the first two episodes and dropping it but seeing you blogging it constantly and complimenting it as “a candidate to becoming my favorite anime of all time” makes me wanna try it again. Catching up 30 or so episodes will be tough though…

    1. Thank you 🙂

      It is not easy to compare Erin to other anime because it is above and beyond most, at least for me. In fact, I can say that Erin killed anime for me haha. Perhaps, you can compare it to some other anime with strong female protagonists. Let’s see what comes to mind… Moribito (same author), Twelve Kingdoms possibly, and older anime such as Akage no Anne and Alps no Shoujo Heidi.

      1. Comparing it to Twelve Kingdoms? I’m sold (If I am not already)! That would actually be a good question for other people, is there any anime you watched that killed your appetite for more anime, whether from its greatness or mind-numbing badness? I never have any anime that good (or bad) yet myself…

        1. I highly doubt something can kill my appetite for anime completely, but it certainly affected my selectivity. Now very few anime seem worth watching, and I don’t have much time anyway…

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