Canaan Anime Episode 11: Sayonara

September 12, 2009

Canaan Anime 11

Another sad episode T_T I was not expecting THAT scene…

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  1. LOL @ “Looks like Liang Qi is equipped well :P”
    And I died at all the suss facial expressions. What a wonderful post xD

    • haha Thank you, I can’t wait for the series to finish, so that I can make an expression post😛

  2. Whoa, that’s a relief. When I read “sad episode” I thought they did something to Yunyun. (I love her and all, but she has a certain expendable quality about her that makes me fear for her continued existence.)

    If they kill her off I’ll spray the Ua virus all over the production team faster than you can say “cheap write-off”.

    • Oh yes, I was very worried about Yunyun ever since that episode where she walks with a happy expression at the end. She is one of my favorite Canaan characters🙂

      haha I also hope she will survive, and the series will avoid Shakespearean ending😉

  3. i’m sad though😦 we’ve just lost one of the most seriously deranged imoutos. all the hype was about alphard and canaan, but the real stars are liang qi & the taxi driver =p imo

    back to the episode: woah, nifty knife-work all round from alphard & liang qi.

    can’t wait for your expressions posts, kitsune 🙂
    a tribute to liang qi too, perhaps?

    • Yes, I also felt sad for Liang Qi😦 I’ll make a post dedicated to her this week🙂

      the real stars are liang qi & the taxi driver =p imo

      haha Those two are great🙂

      Alphard is just too strong for any of them😛

  4. Liang Qi’s craziness cracks me up so much. She gives the series a weird sort of humor but wow, Alphard is soooo cooool. I love her. And I agree with your sentiments about ‘THAT’ scene. @_@

    • Yes, Liang Qi is one of the most expressive characters I’ve seen in anime🙂

      Alphard is very cool, but cruel character.

  5. Good!! I like it

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