Canaan Anime Episode 12: Galactic Train

September 19, 2009

Canaan Anime 12

I don’t know who storyboarded and directed this amazing episode, but definitely have to find out! Sakamoto is great at changing her voice to fit young Alphard🙂 Poor Maria T_T

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  1. to quote maria: “sugoi”🙂
    wow, gives new meaning to the word “catfight”, no?
    with only 1 ep left, we seem to have come full circle, everyone’s quoting Sham from the 1st ep…

    • haha Sugoi indeed! This was one of the most awesome catfights I’ve seen in a while😛

      Yes, it is coming a full circle… I wonder how many people will stay alive at the end… Mari Okada is such a bloodthirsty person…

  2. Awesome indeed =)

    Damn… how long will it be until the day that i can watch such awesome fight+drama episode again….

    PS: your 1st poll didn’t have “11” xD

    • Oh yes, such episodes don’t come by often🙂

      haha 11! It sounds like you really enjoyed this episode🙂

  3. Dang, I’m still stuck on Episode 10 (work work work…).

    Action aside, that scene with Yunyun’s face squished up against the window is priceless.

    • Yes, it is quite busy here too – I didn’t have time to blog other series this week😦

      haha Yes, that was a fun shot🙂 Yunyun is in the second place in terms of variety and frequency of expressions🙂

  4. God this episode was INTENSE. I spent hours trying to form my feelings into words after watching it.

    Alphard really is a snake, the title fits her malevolence to a T.

    I felt sorry for Canaan this episode. She’s got some serious post-traumatic stress issues.


    • Indeed, it was an intense episode.

      Yes, Alphard is very evil, but she has high emotional intelligence.

      Canaan is one of many people who were traumatized in the series

      I also hope there will be no more casualties.

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