“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Alphard is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she.”

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15 thoughts on “1001 Expressions of Liang Qi

    1. haha You are so quick! That pink kitty must have helped you 😛

      I agree with you to some degree. The other character I highlighted in this post was depicted much better and voiced by no less (probably more) talented Romi Paku 🙂

  1. WOW. I love these expression summaries. I don’t really know what else to say. They’re just magical. Liang Qi was one crazy bitch, but I loved her to death because of it.

    1. I don’t mind, but please link to this post and let me know where you are going to post your video – I am interested how it will turn out 🙂 (I hope you are not going to use obnoxious music like this 😛 )

  2. She definitely looks crazy alright. I’m guessing she’s the antagonist of this show? I decided to watch the clip you posted up. Whoa, she’s really raving, and it got pretty bloody. 😐 Is that how her character is? Her voice actor deserves credit, seriously. I think that your expression post of her has captured the essence of this character very well indeed. It is sad though, that the man had to kill the woman he loves so much.

    1. She is a supporting character – the main antagonist is Alphard (Maaya Sakamoto) 🙂

      Yes, they are very liberal with blood in this show, but it is relatively restrained.

      I am going to post my best of this season post soon and she will definitely get a credit 🙂

      Thank you 🙂

      Yes, it is sad, but a similar scene a couple of episodes ago was much more dramatic and much sadder T_T Because Liang Qi was the cause of that incident, some people might have been satisfied, at least to some degree, with execution of Liang Qi with somewhat similar method.

  3. great stuff kitsune. thanks :).
    Liang Qi may be over-the-top, but you can’t deny she’s “multi-talented”:
    1. wields guns (real/air guns) and swords with deft skill and great form/pose (photo 3)
    2. pilots helicopters
    3. does scientific research
    4. has undying love from cummings
    5. has steadfast in adoration for Alphard
    6. makes great nendoroid videos to terrorize heads of states

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