Who is Your Favorite Canaan Couple?

September 28, 2009

Vote for your favorite couple! ( hypothetical possibilities included😛 )

Cummings x Liang Qi

Alphard x Liang Qi

Alphard x Canaan

Alphard x Maria

Maria x Canaan

Maria x Yunyun

Maria x Minoru

Hakko x Minoru

Hakko x Yunyun

Hakko x Santana

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  1. i’ve been sold on alphard x canaan eversince i saw your pics @ https://celestialkitsune.wordpress.com/2009/07/25/canaan-anime-episode-4/images_03798/ & https://celestialkitsune.wordpress.com/2009/07/25/canaan-anime-episode-4/images_03803/🙂 how can you beat matching tattoos??

    • haha Yes, that was a great scene!🙂

      Oh, you can beat at least one tattoo if you have gun, guts, and are not afraid of falling to the abyss😛

  2. =O Maria X Canaan Cute *-*…

    Also Alphard x Canaan, but wait…

    Alphard x Canaan x Maria😀

    • Tsk, tsk… you have a wild imagination😛

  3. Canaan x Maria
    Hakko x Santana

    Sorry, I just took it straight — in a manner of speaking.

    • Yes, those are my favorites too🙂

  4. Maria/Canaan all the way. It’s just, adorable and perfect and I CAN’T FIND ANY FANFICS WHICH IS SAD DAY.

    • Yes, they are great🙂

      I am sure some fanfics will surface eventually🙂

  5. Alphardxanyone ^^ but also Alphard/Canaan/Maria.

    • Oh, all three? haha

  6. LOL Why not? More the merrier! ^^

    • You have a wild imagination😛

  7. You’re forgetting the most likely Alphard shipping couple of them all, you realize? Remember episode 11? remember the picnic?😉

    • Eh? Picnic? You mean lady in glasses has a thing for Alphard?😛

      • Correct, and her name is Yuri Natsume😄

        • Oh, Yuri… How appropriate😛

  8. you’ve left that couple out too. ^^

  9. My OTP is Alphard x Maria! *shot shot*

    Why? Good question. Hnn. I suppose it’s because I loved the interaction between those two…sadistic and depressing though it was at times. I truly love any (shoujo-ai) pairing with Alphard in it though; she’s too damn epic!❤

    I also would have also been elated if Hakko x Yunyun worked out. C'mon, Hakko, there are bigger fish in the sea (besides Santana, I mean)! …You didn't have to…yeeeeaaaaaah ;_;

    • Alphard is great! I like A x M, C x M is just too cute🙂

  10. My first would be AlphardxCanaan
    Second, MariaxCanaan
    Third, HakkoxSantana

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