Canaan x Maria Gallery

October 3, 2009

Canaan x Maria

Artist: Takeuchi Takashi

Artist: Seita (Source)

Artist: Mknown (Source)

Artist: Sekiguchi Kanami

Artist: Takeuchi Takashi

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  1. Kawaiii *-*!

    • Indeed, they are🙂

  2. scrolling, scrolling……eeek, Canaan in a bikini =p

    awww, all those “almost” moments, it’s just kind of sad that canaan never seemed to have gotten as far with maria as she did with alphard though (flashback to that “ass-grabbing” scene in the ladies’ washroom =P)

    • Bikini surprise!😛

      haha Well, they take it slowly – Canaan was just overexcited in that scene with Alphard😛

    • NOT TRUE!

      Maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see, but this is what I think regarding the second to last episode of Canaan.

      Maria and Canaan slept together the night before they got on the train. Innocently enough right?

      But here is what got my attention. Focus on the part of the train ride where Yun-Yun hands out sandwiches, prior to the train stopping abruptly.

      Canaan smiles at Maria like always, however Maria looks away as though something was amiss.

      Almost… …awkwardly.

      What would make something so small as Canaan looking at Maria awkward?

      I personally think that Maria and Canaan both got absolutely NO SLEEP AT ALL that night.

      • Maria and Canaan both got absolutely NO SLEEP AT ALL that night.

        haha I hope so! It would be great to see a sequel with Maria and Canaan together🙂

  3. thats a unique bikini style.

    • Yes, it is interesting🙂

  4. Dude! Canaan x Maria is freakin awsome!

    • Yes, they are awesome🙂

  5. Ya know it kinda sucks they didnt get togither in the end T.T Oh well it was an awsome anime anyways!

    • In a sequel, perhaps🙂

      • Man! That would be awsome if they made a sequal!

        • Yes, they should!

  6. Canaan + Maria = sugoi!😀

  7. i really do hope they make a sequel where canaan and maria are together cuz when i see an anime like this is makes me sad we dont aleast see them kiss but it was anawesome anime

    • I hope so too! It would be good to see the development of this relationship🙂

  8. I don’t think they are in love with each other.
    Since Canaan said that Maria is not her light but her friend.
    But since they had so much confusion about there relationship during the anime it seemed like it. Since they didn’t know for sure what they mend too each other.

    • We need another season to see further developments🙂

  9. I was so sure that they would come together, I’ve never been so sure of any other pairing, that I considered the ending as a ‘bad ending’. Although they both stayed alive(Which was a miracle for Maria), I cried so much because they had to part ways, and even without a proper goodbye! I had never been so dissapointed, I really thought they would come together, the dissapointment stayed with me for days.

    Anyways it’s a nice gallery, with all the good moments, only Canaan’s first dream misses, although I may be the only one who likes that scene because of the Maria shout.❤

    • It sounds like you were quite upset by the way things ended. I do hope they will explore the relationship more in the sequel.

  10. Wait theres a sequel?

    • Possibly, but nothing confirmed yet.

  11. At least the manga adaption provides us with alternate scenes.❤

  12. I just finished the anime yesterday and have been obsessed and thinking about it ever since. I love your gallery of the two. Can’t believe I put the anime off for this long! Thank you again!😀

    • Glad you liked the gallery and enjoyed this anime!🙂

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