Letter Bee Episode 1

October 3, 2009

Tegami Bachi 1

I watched that very sad OVA, and decided to check out the series. It turned out quite well🙂

I enjoyed magical night landscapes and good music, but I am not sure where the series is going. I’ll watch the second episode to assess it further.

Anime Fall 2009 Preview


  1. omg, that’s Sawashiro Miyuki???!!!!
    i was already impressed with her voicing of Tomokane’s madcap antics in GA, yet this sounds totally different. woah, that’s just wide-ranging ability 😉

    • Yes, she is everywhere this season🙂 I was impressed with her voicing of Canaan🙂

      • so was i, she was really good as Cal too in Requiem for the Phantom…..
        more more more, i say🙂

        • She is also in that librarian anime, voicing that blushing blond girl🙂

  2. […] Letter Bee Episode 1 […]

  3. I really like the OP n ED songs, it’s nice~ *two thumbs up*

    • I also like them both🙂

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