To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP

October 3, 2009

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP and Coin Attack

Anime Fall 2009 Preview

Other Anime OP and ED


  1. I like Mikoto :3, I think she’s a wicked girl :3

    And my god, Kuroko… another Liang Qi, but more sexual x_D

    • Yes, Mikoto is fierce!

      haha Not many people can achieve the greatness of Liang Qi, but Kuroko has some traits😛

  2. It’s a nice OP. Will probably be addicted by next episode😄

    Mikoto love, Kuroko love. It’s all good here. ^^

    • hehe Yes, it is easy to become addicted🙂

  3. this was waaaaaaay better than Index, imo. i hope they really don’t bring Touma in, that would be bleah….

    Kuroko’s kinda scary, teleporting into the shower like that…eeekkk.
    Overall, Mikoto + Kuroko + Saten + Uihara (& her flowers) = PURE WIN 🙂

    • Yes, ,it does appear better than Index.

      The shower scene was unexpected lol

      Nice group there🙂

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