Kobato 1

Best anime this Fall 2009 season so far 😀

Kobato Opening

“Magic Number (マジックナンバー)” by Maaya Sakamoto

Kobato Ending

“Jellyfish’s Confession (ジェリーフィッシュの告白)” by Megumi Nakajima

Lyrics by Akino Arai

Trailer depicted some promise, but I was not sure how this anime will turn out. To my pleasant surprise, everything was almost perfect: nice soft background art, appropriate music, fun sounds, exaggerated expressions done right, very good voice acting, and even singing! Also Kobato is a very nice character that nicely integrates traits of Kafuka Fuura and Ai Kaga 😛 I was very impressed by the first episode and will try to blog this anime regularly 😀

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30 thoughts on “Kobato Episode 1

  1. This is pure cuteness overload!! Kobato is really funny and adorable. My favorite part was when she cooked the nabe xD. Her singing is also angelic, but yeah, she can’t do high notes but I still find it angelic :3 Kana Hanazawa is doing a great job on Kobato so far when it terms to making her ditzy and cute ^^.

    1. Well, it looks good so far, but you never know how it will turn out in the end 😛 The beginning was very enjoyable 🙂

      hahaha The chocolate soup turned out surprisingly good – everyone enjoyed it 🙂

  2. hm…somehow iogyori breaks my nerving system down…I liked the op very much and the insert song was gorgeous. i disagree about the high notes. there are pretty lot in the song. i can’t reach those notes 😦
    nice episode but still, i thought of it of a bit…not that serious or good. to earn me, i hope it gets better. it was a bit la la la and la li lu…if you get what I mean.
    also couldn’t the subbers do a better job? they didn’t translate the written messages and didn’t have extra notes. I really don’t get the dobato-dabato pun…i know kobato is a kind of a bird, but nothing else…

    spoilers follow: although i haven’t read the manga yet, i think kobato is an angel. iogyori mentions kohaku from wish and there’s the usagi (bunny) with the flower, which was god’s messenger. I’m curious to see what kobato’s wish is…

    I’m glad that you’ll blog this. May I ask…have you heard of aoi bungaku series? will you blog it? it comes from madhouse. and also miracle train will be hilarious from what I’ve heard. bishies that are represanting train stations! like hetalia axis power. Gosh! so many anime to watch! how do you manage?

    1. haha Well, he is a mean puppy 😛

      Yes, the OP was nice 🙂

      I agree that Kobato’s song was nice 🙂

      it was a bit la la la and la li lu…if you get what I mean

      haha That’s a good way to describe it 🙂 I still enjoyed it even though we don’t get much development.

      I hope the subbing quality will be better.

      That is a good hypothesis about Kobato’s origin. I have not read the manga far, so not sure what to expect.

      Yes, I heard about Aoi Bungaku. It might turn out very good, but given the length for each story, I am not sure. I’ll try to blog the first episode later today.

      Miracle train has great cast! 🙂

      Indeed, too many anime to watch. I just choose the anime that I enjoy the most, then blogging about it will be much more fun 🙂

    2. Y’know, sometimes I think she ISN’T an angel-rather, I think she is trying to get TO heaven. Maybe that’s her wish. Maybe she is…well, not the opposite of an angel, but something else?

      I wonder why she isn’t allowed to take off her hat?

      1. Hmm…. You have some interesting ideas 😀

        Her little pet seem to be too scary for an angel 😛

        …………. D: She can’t take off her hat?!!! That means only one thing: she has horns and she is a demon from hell, just a cute good-natured one! 😛

        1. nope. she isn’t a demon. I think that in ep 12 or 13 it’s revealed that there isn’t there only the human world, hell and heaven…won’t spoil anything more 🙂

          Plus I find those little pidgeons on her hat and on the series’ logo so hinting and suspicious…

  3. Yay, it was an entertaining first episode. Looking forward to rest of the episodes. Ioryogi is such a lovable grouch of a plushie xD. I’d love to have one of that glass jar with the pretty neat stopper. And the ED song is lovely.

  4. Now it’s official, this anime character is mine, Kobato belongs to me only 🙂 jk I do like this ‘somewhat’ new story about this mysterious girl.

  5. Have you seen Kohaku and Kobayo’s duet in episode 13?

    DURN, she’s darn pretty!

    I like rating animes after going through the whole things. I don’t like when people stop halfway because they think it won’t end good, or something like that. JUST FINISH IT AND SEE.

    1. Ooooh! I have to see episode 13! 🙂

      Unfortunately, I stopped following this show due to busy schedule, but I’ll pick it up again soon because I enjoy it very much 🙂

      Usually, if I like an anime, I watch it till the end 🙂

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