Sasameki Koto OP and ED

October 9, 2009

Sasameki Koto OP and ED

Very nice OP song🙂

“Kanashii Hodo Aoku (悲しいほど青く)” by Natsumi Kiyoura

“Niji-iro Pocket (虹色ポケット)” by Natsumi Kiyoura

Anime Fall 2009 Preview

Other OP and ED


  1. yeah…lovely song. I’m a sucker for such melodies. the serenity it gives off reminds me of umi monogatari’s op theme. any idea where can i find their osts?

    • Yes, somewhat reminiscent of Umi OP, but I am not sure if the OST are available now.

  2. the OP is really soothing. come to think of it, the ones she did for sketchbook and spice&wolf season 1 were really pleasing too🙂
    i just watched all her “live” renditions on youtube,and i must say, she’s impressive. plays the flute too.🙂

    • Yup, she did those too🙂 I have not heard many compositions by her, so I should investigate further🙂

      • awwww, i just heard the full version of the OP, and er….the TV version is better 😦

        btw, i was referring to these “live” clips, if you’re interested:

        • Oh, that a nice live performance🙂 Thank you for mentioning it🙂

  3. I’ll be watching this. Yeah nice song, just like the first ed of maria sama ga miteru, sonata blue.

    • Yes, that ED was nice too🙂

  4. Agree with ayame. In fact I tried to ‘sell’ Sasameki to my friend who was crazy with Windy Tales by saying that they have similar OPs, even with the blue sky motif.

    Well, the OP+ED single has been released (bear in mind this is a new anime), check torrent sites to satisfy your crave in the meantime. The BGMs are nice too and there must be a CD or two in the future, although they may make you go melancholic🙂.

    I don’t enjoy yuri (and can’t stand watching maria-sama), but somehow I’m really attracted to Sasameki. Could it be because of Sumika’s glasses and height?🙂

    • Yes, blue sky OP is nice🙂

      Thank you for mentioning about the single🙂

      haha It might be the glasses. For me it is a definite plus🙂

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