Kobato 2

Great episode! T_T Fumiko Orikasa ❤

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb must be willing to change. It is quite frustrating to see people, especially those close to you, who are suffering, but refuse to take your help. It is even sadder when you know that the negative outcome can be avoided or the situation can be improved, yet the person is surrounded with a thick wall, keeping everyone at a distance.

Changing a maladaptive behavior is not easy, but can be done by assessing the current status and trying to implement appropriate methods to move a person to the next stage, rather than attempting a radical modification. However, healing the heart is a much more complicated matter. It takes time and a piece of your own heart to heal another. Although some scars never heal completely, and it might be difficult to reach a person, you can still try to alleviate the pain and brighten the day.

Kobato’s task is challenging, but I am sure she’ll succeed 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Kobato Episode 2

  1. Indeed, it takes a piece of one’s own heart to heal another and I think that Kobato will find herself in that situation especially in regards to Fujimoto. He’s such a clamp and is so rude to Kobato. I still like Ioryogi the most xD. I want me a grouchy loud mouth fireball spewing blue dog as a pet xDDD.

  2. say that again! what a scary bag content! but in this episode iogyori had some nice-kind moments too-in the end, where he gives 100 to kobato.
    I think that with this episode the series starts winning me. Kobato is still li la lo, but she’s adorable due to her kindness and naiveness and her remarks about scarred people hit a bull’s eye.
    The scene with the kid was very touching. Tears run down my cheeks…
    Ioryogi has said some wise words as well: you can’t claim the scarred or healed hearts as your achievement, because then you feed your selfishness and harm those people more. You must be yourself and be open and kind…and very patient *sweatdrop*

    Only an angel with much patience will save Fujimoto *wink*

    1. Yup, the puppy shows his bright side sometimes 🙂

      Indeed, the end of the episode was poignant 🙂

      Yes, those are very wise words. Actually, I was thinking about making a post on this topic 🙂

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