Kuroshitsuji Seiyuu Event

Basically, it went like this: Voice actor says something, then everyone else goes KYAAAAA! πŸ˜›

Daisuke Ono lacks uber cloth snatching skills πŸ˜› (1:03)

Suzuki Tatsuhisa really enjoyed himself πŸ˜› Erotic event hall? lol

Lau’s nyan is cute πŸ™‚

Undertaker is great as well πŸ™‚

Soma-sama! Agni! Soma-sama! Agni! lol

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13 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Seiyuu Event

  1. I KNOW. I laughed out loud when he failed. So mean, but hey I should know better than to compare, right? The man who voices Agni has a really deep voice! He almost tripped when walking towards the stage. Erotic event hall?? Ewwwww. I think that’s a tad bit too suggestive. Yes, the fangirls. It’s like every time Johnny Depp attempts to say something, the fans scream and scream. πŸ˜€ Some of the voice actors’ fashion sense was really questionable though. Perhaps I myself have to look into my own dressing lol. I would have enjoyed it better-if I understood what they were saying haha.

    1. haha Yes, it is not a fair comparison.

      Agni’s voice is one of my favorites πŸ™‚

      Well, there are always some problems with fashion πŸ˜›

      Perhaps, there will be a subbed version eventually.

  2. ROFL! The event session was hilarious and fun to watch. The V.As really made me laugh out loud with their character voice sketches. I actually go Kyaa when Sawabe Junichi spoke in that smexy undertaker drawl πŸ˜› I love Lau’s meow..haha. Heck ya, Lol @ Viscount Druitt. And of course, no one can play Sebastian like Daisuke Ono. I just luurrvvve that voice.

  3. Haha, that was fun to watch.
    Lau’s Nyan was indeed very cute. :3
    And of course Sebastian’s VA did a very good job. (I laughed when he was pulling off his glove and trying to pull away the table cloth).
    This was fun to watch, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine the actual characters standing their and acting their role. XD

      1. *cough* Their = There.

        It seems like it. XD Even though Sebastian seems to pull it all off perfectly. :3

        Oh, btw… That scene where Agni and Souma are calling each other’s names reminds me of Sengoku Basara. :3

        etc etc etc~

              1. Now that’s an idea. πŸ˜€

                Yare, Yare…

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