Despera Anime (ですぺら Desupera) by Yoshitoshi Abe


Despera is an upcoming anime series, directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, written by Chiaki J. Konaka and featuring character designs by Yoshitoshi ABe. This is the second time all the three main creators of psychological thriller anime Serial Experiments Lain will be collaborating once again for the new project, and is Nakamura and Konaka’s third collaboration, after their work on Ghost Hound. The title Despera derives from a poem of the same title by Japanese Dadaist poet Jun Tsuji. Though the title of Tsuji’s poem comes from the word “desperation” or “despair”, the official blog states that it also implies the Spanish word desperado. A graphic novel serialization relating to the anime is being published in Japanese magazine Animage, beginning from its July 2009 issue.


The story centers around a 14 year old girl named Ain, who often builds devices despite the lack of scientific background for them. The sci-fi alternative period story is set in Tokyo during the Taishō era in 1922, one year before the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake.


Ain (あいん, Ain) – A 14 year old girl who resides in her workshop inside the basement of the Ryōunkaku in Asakusa, Tokyo. A technical genius with no prior scientific knowledge, she is able to create electronic devices far beyond the capabilities of the current era. Some of the devices created include early versions of a modern computer, complete with typewriter keyboards and cathode ray tube display monitors.

Sounds like Kana from Haibane Renmei or is she Taishō era Lain? 😛

Unknown Man – A man in his 30s who is an associate of Ain’s. In the prologue chapter of the novel, he claims to be able to see the future through the displays on Ain’s computer monitors. His face and identity has yet to be revealed.

Enoki (榎木, Enoki) – A military officer who works for the Japanese army’s science institute. He holds the rank of 2nd lieutenant. Enoki is sent to Asakusa to investigate the unstable electrical discharge occurring in the vicinity of the Ryōunkaku.

Kimiyasu Fuenokōji (笛小路公寧, Fuenokōji Kimiyasu) – A Japanese nobleman with the title of viscount. It is unknown what relationship Kimiyasu has with Ain, but he is interested in her unorthodox inventions. He has a primary residence in Sanbanchō of Chiyoda-ku, and a second residence at the Kanda-Surugadai district.

Barbara Andrei (バルバラ・アンドレイ, Barubara Andorei) – A Russian woman of aristocratic origins, Barbara is a refugee who escaped from Harbin during the disownment of the presence of Russians by the Chinese Republic. She lives in the Kanda-Surugadai residence owned by Kimiyasu who has taken her in. Ain is particularly uncomfortable of Barbara’s presence as she is frightened of her pale white complexion, presumably having never seen a Russian before.



22 thoughts on “Despera Anime by Yoshitoshi Abe

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Taisho era Lain!! If modern era Lain makes a cameo, or turns out to = Ain, I will collapse into a joyful heap!!!

    1. Sounds like you are very excited! 🙂 I am also very intrigued by this development and hope it will turn out well 🙂

      The latter is plausible if you consider Lain as a manifestation of Gaia 🙂

  2. Splendid! More of Abe’s art is always welcome.

    I’ve only ever seen Haibane Renmei (I’ve never seen Lain), but that was enough to turn me into a fan.

      1. That’s awesome!! BTW, it’s true that Haibane is more representative than Lain for the reason you mentioned, but that doesn’t mean Haibane is better than Lain AT ALL.

            1. Ah, that means you are very careful about your anime watching, selecting only the best! 🙂 I should be more selective too. Covering LOGH and Maison Ikkoku will keep me busy for a couple of years 😛

  3. LAIN¡¡¡ they are equal! you have the same age and almost the same name… and directed, written and designed by them!!! SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN is the original!!! Perhaps now provide more attention you!!! still haven’t seen anything new.. but already returns the spirit of wired!!! I LIKE IT¡¡
    hope also equally good!¡ it will be to celebrate eleven years of the original!!! I am impatient¡¡

  4. Barbara Andrei sounds ridiculous. Andrei, ok, it’s russian. Alas that’s first name and completely male.
    Barbara… usually Varvara, oh well..

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