Why no raws for Winter Sonata Anime yet?

According to ZakZak news, the production of the upcoming anime Winter Sonata has been delaying. Although the first episode will be aired on October 17th, the producers have completed only three episodes. ZakZak reported there should be at least five episodes completed before the airing of an anime.

What? Only three episodes!!! O_o

An anonymous staff disclosed to ZakZak that a change of the director last June and the interference of the main actor Bae Yong Joon in the anime production have been a great burden for the staff.

Change of director + Bae Yong Joon interfering with the production???!!!! This will not end well…

Sources: ZakZak via MyAnimeList via Animesuki

Since there is no raw for Winter Sonata yet, you might think that it has not aired yet. Well, here is a partial proof that it did. Afterall, what is a few days after years of waiting? 😛

8 thoughts on “Waiting for Winter Sonata

  1. I did watch a bit of the actual series at some point. The guy does resemble the actor, heard that he was some sort of aunty-killer or some sort, lol. Why is it taking so long then?

      1. No joke. Aunty-killer, that’s the term used to refer to him ever since Winter Sonata. Can sort of see why… He did?? How so? By dazzling all the middle aged women every time? (:

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