1. For some reason, my infos is already filled in on pretty much every blog I subscribe to. I guess it is kinda like signing in, except, without usership. THIS is why I think blogs are the only truly open social-sphere on the net. ^^

    • Ah, sounds like cache is your friend🙂

      Yes, most blogs are truly open social-sphere on the net with exceptions such as censorship and entries closed to comments.

  2. I also use the prefilled info when commenting in other blogs.

    • That makes things more convenient🙂

  3. I don’t really mind empty info boxes because the moment I type the first letter of my name, email and url, it’s the only one existing~. Although, it’s pre-filled as well oftentimes.

    • Well, it sounds like I am the only one having this problem😛

  4. What the.. >_<… well at least using this program saves on the mouse clicking.. probably would have to pass though.. ^_^…. while I don't see it as being lazy, I do see it as an extra program, that can be easily forgotten if a person doesn't use it. Will rec it to a friend though.. ^_^

    • Well, it saves keystrokes and time🙂 I use it to autofill my poll options too ^_^

      Oh, I use it all the time🙂 Thanks to it, my desktop does not have any icons or shortcuts🙂

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